GW2 Profession & Traits Interview with Jon Peters Pt. 2

Posted Wed, Jul 04, 2012 by Sardu

In the first part of our interview with Jon Peters, we discussed the tiered trait system and some of the upcoming changes to professions players will be able to experience heading into BWE3 later this month. Today we're pleased to bring you the second and final part of the interview in which we discuss the state of Corruptions necros, upcoming mesmer changes, and a whole lot more!

Lewis B: The mesmer has seen a few changes going into the second beta weekend, the most noticeable being illusions no longer dealing damage and a huge reduction in the damage to Mind Wrack—if they aren’t bugs! What was the reasoning behind these changes? The profession has obviously lost a huge chunk of damage because of them…

Jon Peters: The mesmer is the newest profession as far as getting play in our metagame. This means we will be making more dramatic changes to it than to our more established professions, such as the warrior. We believed that the purpose of clones was distraction and not damage, and used the beta weekend to test a version of that. Because those changes went in recently, we did not really balance all of them. In the case of clones and Mind Wrack, they may have ended up on the sad side of the useless spectrum, while phantasms, particularly the Illusionary Duelist, had the opposite effect. Changes to this stuff have already been made and more will be made in the future as well.

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