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ArenaNet Reopens Guild Wars 2 Digital Sales, Addresses Error Codes

Posted Sun, Apr 29, 2012 by Martuk

Beta is not without its hiccups for any game, and Guild Wars 2 has had a few of its own this weekend. Fans that were hoping to get into this weekend’s beta but held off on pre-ordering may have found that the digital copies for Guild Wars 2 had sold out. Luckily, ArenaNet has reopened sales today.

ArenaNet has also posted an update on Error 21, which some Guild Wars 2 players have been experiencing.

Okay, time for another update. This one is for those of you getting an Error 9 code:

We’ve narrowed down the issues and wanted to shed some light on the situation. You are receiving the error code (9:4:5:1093:101) because your account does not have access to the Beta Weekend Event. There are two possible reasons for this:

1) The first possibility is that you registered a Pre-Order serial code instead of a Pre-Purchase serial code. This means the Pre-Order serial code that you registered will give you 1-day Headstart Access before Guild Wars 2 launches, but will not provide you access to the Beta Weekend Events. Some retailers apparently are selling Pre-Orders as if they were Pre-Purchases, which is unintended. This error will not prevent you from receiving your boxed version of Guild Wars 2 when the game releases.

However, those of you that have already registered your Pre-Order serial code and received an email invite from Arenanet to join the Beta Weekend Event, we will honor the invitation. Receiving the invitation was a mistake on our part and you will be able to log in shortly. Note that no further Pre-Order serial codes can be registered at this time.

If you paid in full and received a Pre-Order serial code by mistake, please contact your retailer to have this serial code converted to a Pre-Purchase serial code. If you did not pay for the game in full, you may contact your retailer to have your Pre-Order converted to a Pre-Purchase when you pay for the game in full.

Currently, GameStop still has Pre-Purchase serial codes available. If you purchased from GameStop and paid in full but received a Pre-Order serial code from them, please contact GameStop to have your Pre-Order converted to a Pre-Purchase. If you did not pay in full and you have a Pre-Order serial code, you can also contact GameStop to have your Pre-Order converted to a Pre-Purchase.

2) The second possibility is that the Pre-Purchase serial code you bought was blocked for credit-card fraud. A very small number of users may have purchased codes from unauthorized resellers who are selling codes they obtained illegally. Please confirm that the retailer you purchased from is on our authorized list of retailers. If you did not purchase your serial code from one of our authorized retailers, please contact the retailer from whom you made the purchase and request a refund.


ArenaNet has also posted an update on Guild Wars 2's Error 21 code.

Hi everyone, we have an update on Error 21.

The good news:

Many of you may have noticed you’re able to now login! Go enjoy your time with Guild Wars 2 and remember, there will be a beta weekend roughly every month or so until release (schedule subject to change)! So this isn’t your last chance, its your first chance to experience the game before launch!

The bad news:

Some players may still be affected if they haven’t logged in at all yet. But don’t worry, we’re working on this issue, but don’t have an ETA just yet on when this will be resolved.

Thank you, everyone, for hanging in there while we got this figured out. We appreciate your understanding during this test event.

It is now fixed for the majority of people experiencing this problem. IF YOU ARE STILL AFFECTED, PLEASE CONTACT SUPPPORT ( ) and open a ticket so we know who is still affected.

Thank you for your attention! ~Regina

Sources: Guild Wars 2 Facebook Page Error 9, Guild Wars 2 Facebook Page Error 21, Guild Wars 2 Twitter Page

Anyway, The game is totally worth it :)

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