GW2: Free Trial Weekend and New Heroic Edition Released

By Reuben Waters -

This weekend ArenaNet is opening the doors of Tyria to gamers with a free trial weekend, and have also release a new Heroic Edition of Guild Wars 2 which comes bundled with useful items for new players.

If youÂ’ve been looking for an opportunity to check out Guild Wars 2, this weekend youÂ’ll get your chance. Beginning this Friday at 12:01 AM Pacific time and running through Sunday, August 25th at 11:59 PM Pacific time, GW2 will be running a free trial weekend. The trial is currently open to all players in North America and Europe, and you can register a free trial account by visiting this handy page on the official GW2 website.

Along with the free trial weekend, ArenaNet has also released an all-new Heroic Edition for GW2. This includes the full game, along with the new Heroic Pack which includes a number of digital items for new players:

  • One Legacy Armor – Players can adventure in style with this classic armor

  • 18-slot Mithril Box – This huge storage box will increase loot carrying capacity (and trust me, inventory space is at a premium for new characters, especially if you dive directly into crafting, so this item alone will be a huge help for new players)

  • 10 Experience Boosters – With these boosters, players can level up faster (Unless you donÂ’t feel the incessant need to reach the level cap in the least amount of time possible. These can still prove useful at the level cap as theyÂ’ll help you earn additional skill points faster)

The Heroic Edition is available for $49.99, so bumped back up slightly from the reduced pricing for the base game introduced earlier this summer.

If youÂ’re looking for more information on Guild Wars 2, be sure to visit our network fan site, TheyÂ’ve also got a handy list of Ten Tips for GW2 Trial Players youÂ’ll want to check out if youÂ’re planning on diving into the free trial weekend.

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