The Best MMO Halloween Events of 2013

Check our list of which Halloween events your characters should be taking part in this year!

As more and more MMO games become consumed by the public, the pressure is on for developers to entice hordes of gamers to converge on their particular title to take part in some epic content. That content isn’t always easy to find nor is it available for long. This year is no different but that’s where we come in. We’ve gathered a list of some of the coolest events taking place this year to take make sure you don’t miss out on any of it. From old school to brand new car smell, there’s a Halloween event out there for everyone. To keep this from becoming a flame fest of epic proportions, we’ve decided to sort all games by alphabetical order. We’ll also be updating this list with more events and start/end times as they come in so be sure to check back often. So without further ado, let’s get down to it so you can get cracking planning your virtual Halloween route!


DC Universe Online – The Witching Hour


Klarion the Witch Boy has returned to the DC Online Universe and is intent on wreaking some serious havoc upon its citizens during this year’s Witching Hour… not to mention those pesky superpower types that are always messing things up for him. Since he’s trying to steal the magic of everyone in Gotham City, it behooves players to do everything they can to stop him, no matter which way their good/evil pendulum swings.




Want to get a creepy costume without paying a single penny? Then you’d better be hoping you’re playing Elsword because that’s just the tip of the iceberg for this year’s Halloween events. The team is continuing to roll out more information as it gets closer to the magical date we’ve all been waiting for. There will be more events and community contests than ever before. Yay!


EverQuest – The Haunting of Norrath

October 19th until ?

Just as you’d expect, there are tons of different things players can do this year in the Haunting of Norrath event. Whether you feel like helping The Gravedigger complete his collection of tattoos (gathered from the flesh of corpses… ewwww!), listen to Grom Shives tell the tale of a legendary Dark Elf Warrior that stole magic from powerful beings, or want to go trick or treating, there are plenty of things to do.


EverQuest II – Nights of the Dead

October 15th to November 11th

A haunted house, haunted mansion, headless horsemen… all this is just the tip of the iceberg of the Nights of the Dead event. Things are going bump in the night! And the day. And everywhere! Norrath is seeing an influx of ghosts and ghouls. Strike while you can and gather new loot from classic quest events this year.


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – All Saint’s Wake


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn may have been born at night, but it certainly wasn’t born last night. The development team knew they had to have an event ready for such a fun holiday and it looks like they’re ready to deliver with an event called All Saint’s Wake. The lands are changing and it appears the cities with it! What does it mean? Time will tell, but I’m willing to bet it’s not going to be purring cats and rosy-cheek babies everywhere.


Guild Wars 2 – Blood and Madness

October 15th until ?

You thought the Mad King was defeated… of silly mortal. Not only is he back, but he brought along his son to add to the fun – Edrick, The Bloody Prince. He’s taken over the Mad King’s Labyrinth and controlling the Undead Armies of his father. I wish I had better news for you but that’s just the beginning of the madness about to descend upon the land in this year’s Blood and Madness event!


Mabinogi – Cursed Labyrinth

October 23rd until ?

A puzzle-filled dungeon, awesome cut scenes, new gear, and new bosses. What's a girl (or guy) not to like? The Cursed Labyrinth has come to Mabinogi and it's up to the players to figure out this mystery by banding together and setting things right. Get ready for the mystery of a lifetime as you're transformed and transported to a haunted mansion!

Be sure to visit the official Mabinogi website for more details on the Cursed Labyrinth event!


Marvel Heroes - Wolverine Brood Costume

Available from now until November 1st

This may not be a Halloween event in the traditional sense, but if you’re a fan of Marvel Heroes, it’s something too cool not to be made aware of. For their Halloween event, the Marvel Heroes team is releasing a new Halloween-inspired costume each week. The first of these costumes is a Brood/Wolverine hybrid costume. In the original comic series, Wolverine’s healing factor saved him (and eventually all the X-Men) from the Brood’s body snatching ways. In this universe though, it was only partially effective and the results are definitely horror induced!


RIFT – Autumn Harvest

October 17th until ?

Werewolves, Vampires, and other creatures go bump in the night. What could it mean? Only the return of The Harvest Master, what else? Atrophinius may be lazy most of the year, but during the Autumn Harvest, he and his minions to strip the land bare of everything he needs to make his mead-induced concoctions. Help fellow players keep beetles from stealing harvests and from precious relics of Telara from disappearing from the land.


The Secret World – Stories from Solomon Island


Last year’s Cat God event will be making a return to this Earth of an alternate universe. Not content to just reactivate old content from last year though, there will be a new line of quests added to this year’s event. The Stories of Solomon Island will reunite you with old acquaintances while introducing new horrors at the same time. It should be a scream!


Ultima Online – Halloween 2013

October 1st through October 31st

Ever wanted to have the head of a developer on a pike? Well now’s your chance. The team behind UO has added this item and other special Trick or Treat prizes for this year’s event, but there is a catch – you’re going to need to be the GMs to give them to you. It sounds like a nightmare from here, but good luck! If you don’t feel like doing any begging, you’ll be able to find pumpkin carving kits on Butchers (hiding in graveyards) that will allow you to create one of nine Jack o’ Lanterns.


World of Warcraft – Hallow’s End

October 18th to November 1st

The Headless Horseman makes his return in this year’s Hallow’s End event, complete with epic loot and grand adventures. Fortunately for everyone, I’ve heard reports from some friends that still work for Blizzard that there are a number of daily quests that will grant treats that you can then spend on items you want instead of hoping for an uber rare item. Personally, I was never a fan of the old system, so I’m looking forward to this new method.


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