Jade Dynasty Celebrates Third Anniversary with Events and Video

Posted Fri, Jun 15, 2012 by Martuk

Jade Dynasty celebrates its third anniversary this month and Perfect World Entertainment is celebrating with a month of in-game events and a new video that reflects on some of the game’s most memorable moments from a player’s perspective.

"We've got so many great memories working on this game and interacting with everybody in the community. Community Manager Matthew "Trailturtle" Pecot is doing a great job keeping the game lively and interesting," said Product Manager Dean "Dvorak" Sakurai. "There are a lot of great updates coming later this year -- and I really look forward to coming back to the fourth year anniversary to give you the same message. Happy anniversary."

Check out the anniversary video after the break and visit the Jade Dynasty Anniversary website to find out more about this month’s anniversary events that will include PvP tournaments, special events, contests, prizes and more.

Source: Perfect World Press Release


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