League of Legends Account Details Compromised in Database Breach

Posted Sat, Jun 09, 2012 by Martuk

League of Legends has been growing at an amazing rate since its launch and has become a key player in eSports. This has, unfortunately, made them a target for a few unsavory characters, who seem to be fond of account details that don't belong to them. This week Riot Games joined the list of the violated following a database breach that has compromised the user details of certain accounts contained on the EU West and EU Nordic & East databases.

The compromised details from this breach for affected accounts include email address, encrypted account password, summoner name, date of birth, and a small number of players may have also had their first and last name and encrypted security question and answer compromised. Luckily, no payment or billing information was compromised in the breach.

Riot Games has posted an apology to the community for the breach and a list of the actions that they’ve taken. Players that had their accounts contained in the affected databases should receive an email over the next day even if they were not part of those affected with instructions to change their password, something that Riot Games is suggesting that all League of Legends players do as a precaution.

Source: League of Legends Account Security Alert

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