Loading... Spring Fervor

Welcome to the 1,323rd edition of Loading... Loading... is the premier daily MMOG news and commentary newsletter, only from Ten Ton Hammer.

Welcome to the 1,323rd edition of Loading...

Loading... is the premier daily MMOG news and commentary newsletter, only from Ten Ton Hammer.

Much like the changing of the seasons in the northern hemisphere, the MMOG industry undergoes an interesting cycle of sorts each year. Whether by coincidence or design, it seems that just as temperatures finally start to rise beyond the unpleasantness of late winter / early spring, things on the news front begin heating up as well. The proof is certainly in the pudding this week, and you can find all the details on what's hot today in Loading... Spring Fervor

The Pulse

You vote with what you view at Ten Ton Hammer, and the result is the Ten Ton Pulse (What is The Pulse?).

Here are today's top 5 Pulse results:

  1. World of Warcraft
  2. EverQuest II 
  3. EVE Online
  4. Age of Conan 
  5. Dungeons and Dragons Online 

Biggest movers today:

  1. Mabinogi (Up 31 to # 18)
  2. Star Wars Galaxies (Up 22 to #15)
  3. Champions Online (UP 6 to #9)
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HOT! EverQuest Underfoot All-In-One Giveaway - 20 Copies Available!

Ten Ton Hammer is partnering with Sony Online Entertainment to offer you a chance to win one of twenty EverQuest® Underfoot All-In-One Compilation Packs. For details and your free chance to win, follow the instructions on the EverQuest Underfoot Giveaway page. Good luck!

HOT! Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2 and City of Heroes This Weekend on Ten Ton Hammer Live!

We have three guests booked for this Saturday's Ten Ton Hammer Live podcast and they're all coming from NCsoft. Joining us will be Linsey Murdock, lead of the Guild Wars LIVE team, Eric Flannum, lead for Guild Wars 2, and Melissa Bianco, lead developer of City of Heroes.

This is one episode you won't want to miss. Tune in live Saturday night at 7pm EDT or catch it in the Ten Ton Hammer Live archives when it becomes available Sunday.

Loading... Daily

An interesting coincidence this year is that Star Trek Online launched on February 2nd - a date that any self-respecting Pennsylvania native like yours truly knows as Groundhog Day. If the MMOG industry had its own version of Punxsutawney Phil emerging from Gobbler's Knob, it must have been insanely sunny on STO's launch day, as it's taken a bit longer than the traditional 6 weeks for our MMOG spring to swing into full gear this year. Now that it's finally here though, man have things suddenly gotten a whole lot more interesting.

Heading into this week I was already pretty hyped for the Guild Wars 5 year anniversary. But to add fuel to the fire, on Monday ArenaNet teased followers of Guild Wars 2 on Facebook with an interesting update stating, "Many of you know that the anniversary of the original Guild Wars is coming up. We have a few things up our collective sleeves that we're going to talk about this week." ArenaNet must have some pretty massive sleeves, as it turns out they contained not only an excellent design manifesto, but also the first major gameplay details and an Elementalist class reveal for GW2.

While I'm on the subject of GW, be sure to tune in this weekend for a very special episode of Ten Ton Hammer Live! This week's guests include an all star lineup from NCsoft, so if you're a fan of Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2 or City of Heroes, be sure to tune in live at 7pm EDT. Or if your weekend is already booked solid, keep your eyes on the Ten Ton Hammer Live archives for the episode to become available this Sunday.

Not only do Guild Wars fans have a lot to be excited about this week, as Trion Worlds also opened the proverbial flood gates to reveal a ton of new details on upcoming titles Rift: Planes of Telara and End of Nations. Both games have certainly grabbed my attention, tucked it under their virtual arms, and are currently holding it captive which I really don't mind one bit. If you're curious to understand why and haven't already had the chance to, be sure to check out these hot features and exclusives fresh from the oven this week:

As you can see, the MMOG spring is finally in full swing this year. Between Guild Wars 2, Rift: Planes of Telara and End of Nations, gamers have plenty to be excited about. Even the most jaded among us has to admit that each of these three titles has the potential to finally bring us out of the frigid temperatures of the post-WoW era.

Are you as excited to get your hands on these three titles as I am? Are we finally witnessing the dawn of the next great era for MMOGs? Grab your virtual pogo stick and hop on over to the Loading... forums and let us know!

Shayalyn's Epic Thread of the Day

From our /OOC (Off-topic) forum

All things bacon go here!

This Epic Thread has been featured before, but it's still growing. Plus, I was in the mood for a hearty breakfast this morning and all I could really afford was the Frosted Mini Wheats we already had in the cupboard. So, to those of you who have recently nommed this food of the gods, and to those of you who crave it, I give you...bacon! From bacon bandages to bacon booty to bacon bras, we've got it all.

Sorry, vegetarians.

Awesome Quotes from the Epic Thread

"Food and women are two pleasures I never mix. Especially bacon. What the hell is wrong with you people? "

- unholyblackdeath

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New and Exclusive Content Today at Ten Ton Hammer

4 new Ten Ton Hammer articles! 111 Ten Ton Hammer features in April! 470 in 2010!


D-Mail #2: Knee Jerk Reactions

In D-Mail #1, The Syndicate Guildmaster and CEO Sean "Dragons" Stalzer explained his passion for building strong online communities and reasoned that these communities and the "business brains" behind online games have many of the same interests at heart. This week, in D-Mail #2: Knee Jerk Reactions, Sean looks at how game developers can slow down ragequit-prone guildmates before they do something rash, and do it through, of all things, clever marketing gimmicks.


Cash Rules Everything Around Me - A Look at Planet Calypso

The prevailing theme of 2010 has been one of free-to-play gaming and microtransactions, and while we’ve focused much of our energy on new titles, one title has been making and breaking its own records since late 2004. Planet Calypso is a subscriptionless MMOG that focuses on a player driven gameplay experience and allows players to not only spend limitless amounts of money in game, but to make money as well. Join Ten Ton Hammers Jason “Medawky” Bolton as he explores this war torn virtual space and seeks to unlock the secrets of its economy.


Loremaster's Corner - Gnomes and their Technologically Superior Role in Cataclysm

Everyone loves the Gnome race in World of Warcraft. They're strong allies of the Dwarves and the Alliance and provide the Alliance with its much needed technological backing. Where did they come from and what is their role in Cataclysm? Check out this week's Loremaster's Corner to find out.


Star Trek Deep Space Nine Fleet Action Video

Deep Space Nine (DS9) is one of the most iconic locations in the Star Trek universe. Luckily, DS9 was included with the launch of Star Trek Online and fleet action combat is available for the popular area. Cryptic recently released a new video of the fleet action for DS9 that shows how players will get to help defend the iconic location in both space and from the inner station against some of the game's popular villains.

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