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Welcome to the 1,302nd edition of Loading... Loading... is the premier daily MMOG news, coverage, and commentary newsletter, only from Ten Ton Hammer.

Welcome to the 1,302nd edition of Loading...

Loading... is the premier daily MMOG news, coverage, and commentary newsletter, only from Ten Ton Hammer.

When it comes to Asian games, the Western market seems to remain skeptical. And yet, we've got some impressive Asian titles coming down the pike in the not-too-distant future, including Final Fantasy XIV Online and TERA. Will they be game enough to finally win over the Western world?  We'll talk about them in today's Loading... Look to the East.

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When it comes to Asian MMOGs, many Western gamers seem to hold at least one (if not all) of the following opinions:

  1. They're pretty, but lacking in substance and story.
  2. They're pretty, but lacking in innovation.
  3. They're pretty, but generally a grindfest. 
I think we can all agree that, on the plus side, Asian MMOGs are usually graphically stunning with a distinctive art style. (Sure, some guys find Asian-style character models too feminine looking, but the Westernization of Asian MMOGs has come a long way toward remedying that and recent games such as Aion have made certain to provide plenty of character creation options for burly men and girly men alike.) But, although it kills the unabashed graphics whore in me to say this, games can't live on amazing graphics alone. If they could, Aion would surely have surpassed World of Warcraft here in the west and, as a look at some screenshots reveals, there would be no doubt in anyone's mind that Final Fantasy XIV would take the MMO gaming world by storm, and TERA would most certainly be a major contender.

Since graphics don't make the game, how will we overcome our wariness when it comes to Asian MMOGs? Will the newest Asian AAA titles in development shake up our preconceived notions about them?

First, let's take a look at substance and story. My experience playing Aion tells me that it's entirely possible for an Asian MMOG to have a good story...at least for a while. The first 10 levels of Aion certainly captured my attention, and I felt as though I was part of something important as I began to recover memories of my past and go on to save the little village of Poeta from an encroaching threat. Not only did I earn the title of Poeta's Protector, but I learned that I was an immortal daeva and that I had wings. (Wings!)

And then I progressed to the next town and learned that, despite my wings and immortal status, I was yet another winged peon, and I was going to be sent out to the beach to kill crabs with the other winged peons.

I'm not sure what the future holds for peons (winged or otherwise) in Final Fantasy XIV, but I have a good feeling that the game wont' be lacking in story. Love it or hate it, if there's one franchise known for story it's Final Fantasy. In my time as a gamer I've known several Final Fantasy junkies who could retell the events and discuss the characters from several of the games (notably Final Fantasy VII and X) in vivid detail, which leads me to believe there's no shortage of Final Fantasy fans in the Western world. Will FFXIV be able to capture that story in a game Westerners will want to play? It remains to be seen, but I have high hopes.

Where innovation is concerned, it's not just the Asian MMOGs that are guilty of copying the tried and true format used by World of Warcraft and a metric ton of other games. While there's no sense reinventing the wheel where some mechanics and ideas are concerned, gamers have been calling out for something fresh for some time now. And perhaps that something fresh will come in the form of TERA. This title, published in North America by En Masse and developed by Bluehole Studio (a team comprised of a number of industry vets), is a MMOG of South Korean origins making a name for itself by promising something new, including an "exciting new combat system that provides fast-paced, intense battles and engages characters of all classes" and "a unique endgame experience...where players and guilds vie for control of the Federation." While its uniqueness remains to be seen, early videos (which are entirely made up of gameplay footage edited into trailer format) are intriguing.

Tentatively, it seems we may have the bases where story and innovation are concerned covered, but what about the grind factor? Will either FFXIV or TERA include a plethora of "kill 20 sphincter beetles" quests? We won't know until beta begins to reveal the realities of each title. For now, I'm going to remain optimistic and hope that the stories are rich, the innovation is...innovative, and the sphincter beetles are few.

Are you a skeptic when it comes to Asian MMOGs becoming hits in the Western world? What's your take on the future of FFXIV and TERA? Head over to our forum to share your thoughts.

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