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As the industry progresses, many MMOG developers have aims to expand the tools for communication and offline interaction with our favorite games by use of mobile devices such as the iPhone or iPad. And while this is generally considered to be a positive trend that offers added value to the overall experience, pushing mobile MMOG apps too far too quickly could cause more harm than good to the overall social experience for gamers. We’ll take a look at the social implications of the recently announced Guild Wars 2 Extended Experience and much more today in Loading… The Mobile Progress Trap.

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  1. World of Warcraft
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Loading... the original extended experience.

When SOE’s The Agency was first announced, it got a lot of people talking not only about what a breath of fresh air the setting would be in an industry dominated by fantasy clichés, but also due to one of its proposed “what if” features. Namely, what if you could interact with your collection of NPC operatives via a mobile device while offline? At the time this was considered to be very innovative thinking, but by the time The Agency is released the concept of MMOG-linked apps will be old hat.

Case in point, the mobile companion app for Fallen Earth has taken the base concept of mobile connectivity to the live game and achieved a true industry benchmark much like what City of Heroes had previously done for character customization. It offers connectivity with the live game and interaction with various aspects of your characters to a degree that puts MMOG apps such as the WoW Armory app to shame.

But as we’ve seen, the mobile MMOG app march has only just begun. This week ArenaNet announced the Guild Wars 2 Extended Experience, and while much of it sounds like good news for gamers that have access to the pricy hardware required to take advantage of the proposed feature set, I can’t help but wonder if we’re witnessing the birth of something that’s just as potentially damaging to game communities as it is beneficial.

When voice chat was first gaining popularity in MMOGs, I saw firsthand how it shattered numerous guilds and killed off more than a few online friendships. While the intent of voice chat is to open up a more effective means of communication, it also creates just as many barriers along the way. What if you don’t have the cash for a headset or you live somewhere that makes the use of voice chat an impractical or even an outright inconsiderate option? I mean, who wants to share living space like a dorm room or small apartment with a roommate that’s constantly chattering on about a game you could care less about?

I’ll openly admit that Guild Wars 2 is one of my most anticipated MMOGs, if not the most anticipated currently. And as much as I dig the base concept and am excited to see the full feature set in action, the announcement of the Extended Experience has raised a number of red flags for me. Much like the advent of voice chat years ago, I can see a lot of potential for direct mobile connectivity to drive a sharp wedge into the same communities it’s being built to enhance.

Game forums have historically been the most powerful social tool for gamers to connect and discuss a shared interest while not logged into a favorite game. Some of those gamers will even spend countless hours proving their dedication to a given title by building fansites to share their enthusiasm and knowledge about it with their fellow gamers. Yet pushing too far into the direction of mobile connectivity has a very real potential to pull the rug out from under current out-of-game social networks like forums and derail dedicated fansites in one fell swoop.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for giving players a wider array of options for connecting with one another and ways of learning gameplay details. At the same time I can’t help but wonder what will become of game forums once chatting with your in-game friends on your iPad becomes the norm, or if people running dedicated fansites will hit a point where they’re considered an obsolete, dying breed.

In some ways the features for something like the GW2 Extended Experience are as much about controlling how people communicate and learn about the game as they are about expanding the options for doing so. This line from the blog post in particular stood out for me here, “Additionally, we will have a much tighter system for accessing and consuming wiki content. This will greatly reduce the need to continuously jump out of the game to access web sites for information.” Considering my occupation, that kind of statement hits a little too close to home depending on how you look at it.

There are other social implications to be considered here as well. Just like having access to voice chat, I won’t be at all surprised when we begin to see “access to the mobile app” begin popping up on the list of requirements for acceptance into a guild.

Either way, I just hope that ArenaNet and other developers out there don’t lose sight of the larger implications of going all in on the mobile front, and that the original extended experience of dedicated fansites and forums don’t become a sacrificial lamb in the name of progress.

Does mobile connectivity have the potential to lead to the eventual downfall of our current social tools when not logged into an MMOG? Or am I just wearing my tinfoil hat particularly tight today? Head over to the Loading… forum and let us know what you think!

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