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It’s hard to feel like an epic warrior of righteousness or dastardly purveyor of evil when your characters look like dirty hobos in mismatched gear. At the same time, players typically want at least some means of expressing originality rather than looking like just another sardine shoved into the MMOG can. Some titles address both sides of the issue by incorporating cosmetic items into the mix, while still others allow you to mix and match dyes to come up with a look that’s uniquely your own. But it can also lead to disastrous results when you bank the success of your game on the cosmetic side of itemization alone. We’ll take a look at current examples of each of these approaches today in Loading… Kick in the Dye.

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Today's top 5 Pulse results:

  1. World of Warcraft
  2. EverQuest 2 
  3. Lord of the Rings Online (UP 1)
  4. EVE Online (down 1)
  5. Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures 

Biggest movers today:

  1. Guild Wars 2
    - UP 5 to #10
  2. Myst Online: URU Live
    - down 5 to #17
  3. Star Trek Online
    - Up 4 to #12
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Loading... Grinding out the next level to get that mount!

Itemization plays a major role in the long term enjoyment of an MMOG for a lot of players. Some titles are so sharply focused on progressive gear grinds that players will run the same content countless times all for adding a trivial boost to their character’s core stats. This is certainly the case in World of Warcraft where, by and large, the entire endgame experience boils down to gameplay types that offer different paths to obtaining new gear. Be it raising reputations, running instances and raids, or even PvP game types, the entire reward structure is based on players’ desire to obtain shiny new things for their characters.

While this approach obviously works for endgame content, over the years certain developers have banked on allowing players to feel epic from the start by adding incredibly robust customization tools to the character creation process. Considering the nature of the settings, this approach has been a natural fit for games like City of Heroes and Champions Online. But even in those titles players still crave some form of enhancements for characters that helps separate the vets from the newly hatched heroes or villains.

Banking too much of your game’s success on cosmetic itemization can also prove disastrous which I feel played a major contributing factor in the recent demise of APB. I’ve gone to enough industry conventions and fan events this year to take note of the fact that gamers really aren’t the most fashion conscious people out there. So while the customization options in APB were second to none, I still feel that had there been more than cosmetic options linked to itemization in the game it might have been a much more successful venture straight out of the gates.

Personally though, I’m all for tools and systems that bridge the gap between the two extremes and offer more of a “best of both worlds” scenario. In other words, keep power progression tied to itemization but then offer players the ability to adjust the actual look of their character by other means should they so choose. Sure, wearing the absolute best available gear for your class gives players certain bragging rights, but no one really enjoys looking like an MMO hobo on the way there.

EverQuest II and Lord of the Rings Online have the right idea by letting players equip purely cosmetic items to attain a specific look for their characters. A good example of this can be seen in Gunky’s recent roundup of the newest fall fashions in Middle Earth. The beauty of these items is that they’re just as well crafted visually as the best dungeon gear, but at the same time since the cosmetic items aren’t linked to stat progression in any way they’re entirely optional and have no other direct impact on your gameplay experience.

The only real downside to cosmetic armors is that it can be nearly impossible to differentiate between character classes at a glance. This can really be an annoyance in PvP or even open world PvE scenarios. Armor profiles can give you all the visual information you need most of the time when picking primary targets or even being conscious of staying in close proximity to healers. Removing those visual cues generally leads to a less fluid combat experience because you’re spending too much time figuring out what class other characters are and not enough time diving into the battle.

That’s the primary reason I’ve always liked the concept of dye systems in MMOGs, at least when you throw PvP into the mix. The latest official blog post from ArenaNet for Guild Wars 2 goes fairly in depth on how the dye system will work in that game and I certainly think they’re on the right track. Itemization still matters to character progression and strong armor profiles can factor into PvP, yet players still have the ability to add their own individual touches to how their character looks.

And thus concludes another of my seemingly aimless diatribes on MMOG design! Be sure to hop your virtual pogo stick on over to the Loading… forum and share your thoughts on the cosmetic side of the character progression coin!

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