LOTRO Twitter Developer Chat Transcript 3/21/2013

Posted Thu, Mar 21, 2013 by Martuk

Developer and community team members over at Turbine took to Twitter today for a new Twitter Developer Chat to field questions from the community about future content and upcoming changes to The Lord of the Rings Online. Taking part in the chat were Senior Producer Aaron Campbell, Design Director Derek Flippo, Lead Systems Designer Matt Zimmitti, Senior Content Designer Lauren Salk, World Builder Matt Fahey, Associate Systems Designer Evan Graziano, and Community Manager Rick "Sapience" Heath, also known as the Harbinger of Soon.

Since trying to read a Twitter chat is often enough enough to give some people a brain-bursting aneurism or send them into uncontrollable spasms of pain, we’ve put together the full Q&A list from the chat in one easy to read list. Give them a look below.

Q1: Drunken_Valar – Any plans to update the stability of the game? (Link)

Aaron Campbell: With Update 10 we hit some unexpected issues that required us to close “Flight to the Lonely Mountain.” The engineering team is tracking those down, and we hope to have them fixed soon. We’re also looking at ways to add more monitoring to the game servers to help us track down bugs. We continue to push the boundaries of our game engine with new features like mounted combat. Those are great for new gameplay, but also create new challenges for our engineers. (Link #1, Link #2, Link #3, Link #4, Link #5)


Q2: Rsmuppet – What sources do you use in checking lore, story, and history of Middle-earth? (Link)

Matt Fahey: For all things Tolkien, we have experts who pour through pages upon pages of text to make sure we are as accurate as possible. We also have almost every book written by or about Tolkien and LOTR. (Link #1, Link #2)

Q3: Thodorin – Will we earn daily rewards just for logging in like DDO? (Link)

Derek Flippo: We’re considering a similar type of system for LOTRO. (Link)

Q4: ISS_21 – Will there be a level cap increase with Update 11? (Link)

Aaron Campbell: No. (Link)

Lauren Salk: No level cap increase at this time. U11 features solo end-game content and rewards. (Link)

Q5: Midford - Can you guys focus not just only on new content, but also the bugs? (Link)

Lauren Salk: We always fix many bugs each update! If you see something broken, feel free to /bug it in game so we’re aware of the issue. (Link)

Q6: Elemiire - Any plans for a 'combine all' and / or 'refine all' option for the Relic Master? Carpal Tunnel isn't fun. (Link)

Matt Fahey: This is a very good suggestion. I'll ask around and see if it is a viable option. (Link)

Q7: Raowyn - Any plans towards making landscape barter tokens upgradeable to the endgame factions tokens and/or shared accross an account? (Link)

Evan Graziano: Although there are no immediate plans, shared tokens are something that I could certainly look into for the near future. I’m probably going to steer clear of upgradeable tokens though, at least for the time being. (Link #1, Link #2)

Q8: OverlordGate - Can we expect new instances within the new area of U11 this summer? (Link)

Lauren Salk: No instances this time. Instances were the focus of U10, and U11 features a new region & epic. (Link)

Lonely Mountain

Q9: Nasami - Since Dale and Erebor now appear in instances, ANY chance of them being added as instanced missions, or even better - zones? (Link)

Matt Fahey: Currently we have no plans to make Erebor part of our open world. As for instanced missions, you'll have to consult Budgeford. (Link)

Lauren Salk: Our content focus is actually on another part of Middle-earth at the moment. No plans for Dale or Erebor currently. (Link)

Q10: LS - Zalladi - Are there plans for a new skirmish due for release? (Link)

Lauren Salk: No plans for a new Skirmish currently, but we have new “stuff” in the works. Handwavy vague! (Link)

Q11: FatMeff With the upcoming class revamps, what sort of juicy changes are you making to the Burger? I MUST know! (Link)

Matt Zimmitti: Lots of extra cheese! (Link)

Aaron Campbell: I like Bacon. (Link)

Q12: Joene - In the last dev chat you mentioned you might revamp vanilla zones if time allows. (Link)

Matt Fahey: Unfortunately we have no vanilla zones scheduled for revamp. On a personal note, I would love to revamp Trollshaws. The World team also mentioned North-downs (Drachyn) and Enedwaith (Iceman). (Link #1, Link #2)

Lauren Salk: My personal wishlist, IF time allows: Bree, Ered Luin, Misties, Trollshaws, Forochel, North Downs. (Link)

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