Bree-town Parkour: A Guide to LotRO's Rooftops

Bree-town is more or less the central social hub of the Lord of the Rings Online. But at times, the surface streets can be crowded. Well, surface streets are for suckers. Real adventurers travel by rooftop.
Bree-Town Parkour: Your Guide to LotRO's Rooftops


Bree-town is more or less the central social hub of the Lord of the Rings Online. Sure, the Twenty-First Hall is better equipped for an endgame staging point, with its superior crafting facilities and legendary item services, but Bree-town is where it's at when you want to hang out, meet new people, go on recruiting sprees, et cetera. But at times, the surface streets can be crowded. Well, surface streets are for suckers. Real adventurers travel by rooftop.

Parkour is the art of moving form one space to another in the most creative way, usually by jumping and climbing and that sort of thing. You see it in Jackie Chan movies when he's running away from bad guys, or in the French action movie "Banilieue 13" (called "District 13" in North America). Bree-town Parkour is a bit different from these - it's more about exploration than fleeing from bad guys and getting into kung fu battles. Also you need a horse.



We'll start with an easy roof: The Inn of the Prancing Pony. From here, you have a nice vantage point of the heart of Bree-town, and there are usually people mingling around in the open area below. Start at the northwest corner:

Northeast Corner of the Prancing Pony

You can sort of see the route from here. Follow that low grassy slope to the patch of grass masked by the shrubs. It hits a peak and flattens out at the top:

Path to the roof of the Prancing Pony

That's your launch point, and you'll need to be on a horse (or goat) to make it. You have to angle the approach as though trying to hit right in that corner, and then jerk a few degrees to the right just as you hit the jump. This is a difficult angle to hit, and you will probably need to make several attempts. When you miss the mark, pull back to the bottom of the slopw and get a running start. Keep trying until you find the "sweet spot." When you get up on the roof, follow the peaks to the front of the inn, overlooking the street:

Overlooking the street

You can get up on the taller spires by running along the peak ridge. For the taller peak at the southwest corner, you will need to launch from the top of the chimney:

Use the chimney stack as a bounce to hit the taller roof



This one is a bit more advanced and requires picking a careful path around a closed-in, no-traffic area, which I call the no-man's-land. Start out at the roof behind the vendors to the west of the boar fountain. There is a low roof overhanging an elevated porch there:

The porch, starting point for the rest of the parkour hotspots

Start at the north end of the porch for your run, and hit the low corner of the roof:

Jump path for the low roof

This is your starting point for other rooftop hijinks, so master this jump. It's an easy one.

The path to the crafting hall follows the line of the low roof's peak, with a hop up on the tiled roof just beside the window dormer:

Get up beside this window dormer

The dormers are going to serve as launching pads for many of your jumps. Follow the tiled roofs in a gradual curve to the left to the bigger roofs. If you look down to the left, you'll see the "blank" area where players aren't supposed to go - try to avoid falling in there. 

Head east across the big roofs to the spot with the three window dormers. You'll want to get down onto the long, low roofs overlooking the street. This is a long jump, and you may suffer a falling injury if you miss your mark, but it's a pretty easy one to make. Get on the roof with the dormers on each side:

The "chimney-hook" jump

This jump takes a bit of finesse. The roof is too steep to simply run up the side, so you'll have to make a hook-jump from the tip of the innermost dormer and try to get around the other side of the chimney stack, which should bounce you over the peak and down the other side. I call this move the chimney-hook jump. Get to the cross-shaped roof and head carefully to the street-side edge and look down:

Looking straight down at Trader's Gate

You're going to want to drop straight down on the peak of the Trader's Gate crossing over the street. Sidle up right next to the chimney stack and dash forward, which should land you squarely on top of the overpass:

On top of Trader's Gate

From there, the path to the top of the crafting hall is fairly obvious. Follow the peaks and you'll be overlooking the boar fountain courtyard and the Trader's Gate.

Atop Three Farrow Crafting Hall

If you want to get to the Town Hall roof, follow the roofs south instead of dropping down to the overpass. The path to the Town Hall is relatively uncomplicated.

Atop the town hall

Keep on reading and we'll take you deeper into the city...

Bree-town Parkour: Your Guide to LotRO's Rooftops



To reach the top of the Jailhouse and the Auction Hall, you're going to be traveling some precarious routes. Keep in mind that the rooftops are not intended to be regular foot-traffic paths, and you will likely experience some weird hitches and rubberbanding as you run along the heights. Pathing along here is occasionally glitchy.

Also be warned that there are some areas where a fall to the wrong side will land you in a place with no exits. The spaces between the buildings were never intended for player traffic, and have that unfinished, jagged-hill look. If you land in there, you will have to map out, or hire the services of a Hunter or Captain to get you out.


Start with the same low roof as you used to get to the crafting hall. Instead of taking a southern path, go across the roof towards the west until you can see the Scholar's Stair courtyard. To the left is a wall. I find it easier to navigate the wall on foot rather than on horseback - horses tend to be twitchy and it's easy to over-correct and fall. If you fall to the right, you are at the Scholar's Stair Archives and you can simply backtrack and get back up. If you fall to the left, you're in a no-traffic zone. There's a way out of this particular no-man's-land, which we'll look at later.

Following the top of the wall beside the Scholar's Stair

Follow the wall to the high roof - the jump from the wall to the roof can be done on foot, or you can mount up and do it that way. Cross over that roof and keep on until you reach a gap - there's a jump there to a lower grey-shingled roof:

Following the rooftops

That's a horse jump. Mount up and get to the grey roof, then the next tile roof, then the next grey roof. On the last low grey roof, you'll see 2 window dormers facing into the no-man's-land. This is one of the trickier jumps here - you have to launch from the very edge of the second dormer at the higher roof across the no-man's-land. What I usually do is run straight along the top of the dormer, hit the jump at the edge, and twitch-turn slightly to angle the jump at the opposite roof. 

The tricky dormer jump

Should you miss that jump, you land in the same place as if you fall from the Scholar's Stair wall. Head northeast up the brown, empty hill and go to the northeasternmost corner. There is a narrow gap between the tall buildings on the left and the shorter ones on the right. The alleyway is too narrow to walk through, but there is a jagged bump in there that will allow you to jump up on the low roof on the right. This is another jump you will want to twitch-turn as soon as you launch, because the approach angle is off by a few degrees.

Escape from no-man's-land

When you eventually make the dormer jump, turn immediately south. Follow the line of ridges over the double-dormer roof around the spire, then angle east. You'll be following the line of houses alongside the surface street, curving gradually south. There's another chimney-hook jump along this path, but the way is mostly uncomplicated.

If you fall to the right during this part of the run, you'll be in another no-man's-land from which there are no tricky escape routes. Watch your footing and be ready to map out if you fall.

Keep heading south towards the jailhouse until you reach the last gap. Keep this point in mind, as you'll be using it later to get to the auction house. Edge towards the gap between your roof and the auction house and look down - there's a wall below that you will need to walk across. This one is tricky because the drop is fairly high and it's difficult to judge where the exact centre is. Luckily, there is a slightly wider pad just at the base. I have no luck trying to make this drop with a horse, but your mileage may vary. It seems easier to inch forward with the camera looking straight down, and keep inching forward until you drop to the pad. 

The wall drop

Dash across the wall, hop up on the next grey roof and you're on top of the jailhouse. The roofs up there are a tangled mess, but the path is otherwise uncomplicated. From the jailhouse roof, you can run across the overpass to the buildings on the far side of the street, overlooking the auction house yard and the South Bree gate.

Atop the Jailhouse



This one is a little more advanced, but is probably the most rewarding. It will also test your patience the most, because if you fall during the last leg of the run, you have a lot more backtracking to do, and there is an increased risk of falling into a no-man's-land with no trick exit. There are also a number of invisible ledges you will need to find, involving a few leaps of faith.

Follow the same path as you did to the jailhouse, but instead of dropping down to the wall, hang a right and follow the roofs that way. You will be angling towards the Haunted Alley. There are a few tricky spots here, but you should be an expert at chimney-hook jumps and ridge-running by now. Follow the Haunted Alley until you come to the last roof before the Hunting Lodge. There's a wall below, and you will need to drop straight down on top of it. This is a much easier drop than the jail one:

The wall leading to the Hunting Lodge

Follow the wall to the roof of the Hunting Lodge and run along that ridge. Here's the spot where it gets tricky; there is an invisible ledge here, above the broken section, which you will need to use to get onto the high wall along the south side of the street. If you miss it, you land either in the street or, more likely, in the tiny gap between the high wall and the hedgerow that runs all the way around Bree-town. Just follow the line up from the broken section and angle your jump there:

The first invisible ledge

Follow that section of the wall around, hopping over to the corner tower. There's a break in the wall with another invisible ledge, and this jump can be a bit tricky because of the angle: 

Tricky corner

The wall comes to an end near a house - don't believe your eyes. There's another invisible ledge here, following the line of the roof ridge. 

Another invisible ledge, following the line of the roof ridge

Hop up and run across the gap to the roof of the house, and then look for the low stone wall below. That's another invisible ledge which runs all the way to the wall of the auction house. Get up on that and it's a straight run to the auction house roof:

Line of the invisible ridge from the house to the auction house

Standing on the invisible ledge

From the auction house roof, you command an impressive view of South Bree, including the skirmish camp outside the city walls.

Atop the auction house


Bree-town is not the only place with interesting rooftop travel, nor is every possible route detailed here. Middle-earth is a big place, and one of the joys of LotRO is the ability to explore things off the beaten track. 

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