Guide to LotRO's Westfold Crafting

Posted Fri, Oct 14, 2011 by gunky

Guide to LotRO's Westfold Crafting

Our 4-part Road to Level 75 guide to the new content of Rise of Isengard covered a lot of ground fairly fast, but one of the things that was mentioned that definitely bears more in-depth discussion is the new crafting tier - Westfold.

Westfold items are useable by characters level 66 to 75 and cover all the usual bases: weapons, armor, jewellery, food and other consumables, and new level 75 Third and Second Age Legendary Items. Any character working on mastery of (or who has already mastered) the old Supreme tier automatically gains access to the new Westfold tier. All the materials needed for this tier of crafting can be found in Dunland, the Gap of Rohan and Nan Curunir, and some things like hides and Scholar items will drop from mobs in Enedwaith and Mirkwood also.

Manufacturing Professions

There are a few things that make this tier different from previous tiers:LotRO Westfold Crafting - Skarn Deposit

  • No components needed for manufacturing professions (Tailor, Metalsmith, Weaponsmith, Woodworker, Jeweller) - all finished recipes require is processed resources. This eliminates the need to assemble a shopping list of components before creating a finished item.
  • Crit items for standard-type recipes are processed from resources harvested from nodes. Previous tiers did not require additional processing of crit items.
  • The gathering professions (Prospector, Forester, Scholar) can craft three types of resources: low-quality, medium-quality and high-quality. Low- and medium-quality resource recipes are obtained automatically, but high-quality resource recipes must be purchased from a Dunlending reputation vendor and require Friend standing with that faction. This effectively level-gates bulk crafting of high-end goods, since you must be high-level to earn Friend standing with the reputation factions in Dunland.
  • Farmers and Cooks are mostly unaffected by the level-gated components, but Farmers have multiple-output recipes for their Westfold crops.
  • This tier sees some changes in recipe drops. Mobs drop scroll cases, which can stack up and be traded or sold in bulk. These scroll cases typically contain multi-output, multi-use recipes, and not single-use recipes like one would find in random mob drops for earlier tiers. Single-use recipes for Westfold tier are available from the Riders of Theodred reputation vendors and require standing with that faction.
  • Cracked Rhi Helvarch Sigils, found in skarn ore nodes, are the new mithril flake, used to create top-end single-use recipes. So far, these are only found in ore nodes, and they command rather hefty prices on the auction house. They take a bit of luck to find - one day, I found 3 of them within the space of a few minutes, but a kinsman who has been more serious about mining has found zero.


This profession is more or less "business as usual." Crit items for food come from crop fields or from mob drops. The recipes for this tier have some... interesting names. Toad-in-the-hole and Cock-a-leekie sound more like medical problems than nutritious food, and if you try to type "cock-a-leekie" in chat it gets censored by the profanity filter. There are a number of rep-gated recipes available from the Thodred's Riders and Men of Dunland reputation vendors. As per usual, all items needed for Cook recipes can be farmed or purchased from vendors. Unlike the other manufacturing professions, Cooks do not require high-quality resource materials to make top-tier items, and have no legendary items they can make.


There are some outstanding rep-gated recipes for Jewellers available from both factions in Dunland. Jewellers use Calenard ingots and Garnets, which are found in Skarn nodes. The crit item for multi-use recipes is Bit of Pure Calenard, extracted from chunks of High-grade Skarn Ore.


Tailors use Large Hides, harvested from slain beasts in Mirkwood, Enedwaith and Dunland. The crit item for multi-use tailor recipes is Drop of Birch Tar, which is extracted from Birch Sapwood Branches.

Metalsmiths & WeaponsmithsLotRO Westfold Crafting - Birch Branches

Metalsmiths and weaponsmiths use Calenard ingots for all recipes, and Bits of Pure Calenard as the crit item for multi-use recipes. Weaponsmiths are not saddled with useless 2-hander recipes for the Westfold tier - it's mostly off-hand weapons meant to be paired with LIs for dual-wielding classes, plus consumables like traps.


Woodworkers use birch boards and Drops of Birch Tar, all of which is harvested from birch nodes in Dunland. As with Weaponsmiths, there are no outmoded 2-hander/main-hand-only recipes (e.g. non-legendary 2-handed clubs, spears, javelins) - it's all bows, offhanders and consumables/class items.

LotRO's new class comes late to the party, but it is certainly an interesting choice.
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