Updated: Rumor: The Lord of the Rings Online Database Server Compromised

Posted Wed, Oct 12, 2011 by Martuk

Earlier today we received an unconfirmed tip that Turbine's database for The Lord of the Rings Online had been breached. The tip pointed us to tech site Tweaker, which claims that the database for Turbine's The Lord of the Rings Online had been compromised and was open to anonymous users. The forums for Turbine's Dungeons & Dragons Online, Asheron's Call and The Lord of the Rings Online have are currently down for maintenance. Whether or not this rumor has substance and or if it's just coincidence is unknown at the moment.

We contacted Turbine earlier today but the developer was unavailable for comment. Until we hear something official from Turbine, this remains a rumor. We'll update you when we have more.

Thanks to Kruis for the tip.

Update: Turbine has posted an update to The Lord of the Rings Online Facebook page explaining that they have identified a potential issue in the forum system and have taken them offline as a precaution.

We have identified a potential issue in the forum system. As a precautionary measure we have disabled our forums while we investigate. We will bring the forums back online when we complete our work. We thank you for your patience.


Sony, Turbine, been a rough week for this sort of thing. :(

Its always a rough week for Sony....

Digging the podcasts for DDO and LOTRO over at

Around 8 months ago this problem was actually addressed by a member of the DDO forums community. The reality of the matter is Turbine never thought it was a problem worth fixing. The original post was shut down by the forum mods and the player was pretty much told he is full of it by the community...

8 months later after several hundred accounts were hacked and every ones personal data was at risk, Turbine finally does something about it. It is amazing how far Turbine goes to save a dime. Every move they make is calculated to the cent. To the point where they are willing to sacrifice their clients personal infor for a known issue that was found and outlined over half a year ago.

This company needs to shape up or ship out. There is only so much the average customer can take before fining a new game where their dollars are valued....

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