LOTRO: Riders of Rohan Preview at E3 2012: Mount Up!

Posted Fri, Jun 08, 2012 by B. de la Durantaye

Preorders have gone live and players of The Lord of the Rings Online will be happy they made their preorders come this fall, when Turbine’s latest LotRO expansion, Riders of Rohan launches.

RoR (which, by the way, is an exceedingly cool acronym, especially if you do it in your best lion voice) is packed to the gills with a shocking amount of new content and, just as cool, a full new game mechanic for players to dive into. That new element is, of course, mounted combat, something no MMO has adequately pulled off due to the realities of network latency and difficulties of paired animation. No longer is this the case.

LOTRO Riders of Rohan Mounted Combat

Story and Mounted Combat in The Lord of the Rings Online

The story of The Lord of the Rings will further progress right up to the point where the Fellowship separates. During this time the players will find their way into Rohan, meet the villagers, and progress through a quest line which will offer them an all-new mount in the form of a war steed which will be able to be used for mounted combat.

Since mounted combat takes a lot of space, so it's only available in certain areas (the steed itself can be used as a travel mount in other areas as well). When engaging in one of the game’s many areas that allows for this style of combat, mounts have their own set of combat skills which replace the standard combat hotbar. These skills vary depending on what the trait tree the player used to spec their steed, but they generally include things like kicks and bites. Best of all the character riding the horse will also retain his or her iconic abilities (or spells) so not all combat from the seat of a steed will play the same.

A newly whiter, brighter Gandalf makes an early appearance in Riders of Rohan.

Trait trees will have three main categories split as offensive traits, defensive traits, and support traits. The final version of these traits was not available during our play session, but needless to say it will allow for some very specific customization of the mount, which levels alongside the player.

Keeping a mount in motion while trying to string together combat abilities may sound a little too challenging, and it would be had not Turbine realized the difficulty ahead of time. Instead of relying on players to be able to grow a third hand, the mounts come pre-equipped with abilities that will charge the steed directly toward the targeted enemy. This will free up the player to prepare their attack and strike hard and true at the precise moment that will inflict the most damage. The damage is not only calculated from the type of ability that was used but also by the speed of the horse; so the faster you ride into your opponent, the more damage you’ll do.

Lotro player for five years. I feel that this expansion is a rip off.

Bad information about the expansion by the community team. No end-game content AT ALL on a 40$ expansion. On the last expansion (2011) they have introduced a lot of bugs that haven't been fixed a year later. No information at all on the new features that this expansion includes. They want us to pay blindly.

What are you talking about? Riders is ALL end game content. DDO still has bugs from launch which was before LOTRO. That's both typical Turbine and the game industry at large. There isn't a game company out there immune to this, including Blizzard and bioware.

There is actually no end game content being released till AFTER the expansion comes out. Most likely it wont cost VIP players but premium/f2p will have to pay for it, which is a ripoff along with the pricing of this expansion.

actually, if it is anything like DDO's Dark expansion, even VIP's will have to buy it to get the full content. Some stuff will be free, but the full package needed to be bought, even by VIP. This I suspect won't change with Rohan.

Why also would they release content BEFORE releasing the expansion. This is an expansion, NOT an add on pack or update. Not sure where you are getting your odd ideas from.

if they follow the last expansion and I don't see any reason they won't. Anyone who buys the expansion and is a vip will get the extra end game content that will be released if you buy the expansion but are not a vip you will get the first set of end game content but not the second and if you neither buy the expansion nor are a vip they will soak you for as many TP as they can for every individual aspect of the expansion devided into as small of peices they can still justify overcharging you for.

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I agree with this comment. VIP for over 3 years have 6/9 capped toons and had finally had enough of Turbine CS and policy of gouging their loyal followers. WB should be shamed for allowing Turbine to manage this wonderful product...endgame or NOT...Turbine is the worst CS in MMO online gaming hands down. I flipped over to the new SWTOR out of sheer boredom and other than the odd bug issue which is standard for any MMO new or old gaming platform...have been totally impressed with not only gameplay but the ridiculous service their CS serive provides. They are spot on and on the ball for taking care of their paying customers and the ingenuity and forethought of the actual game. Bravo Bioware (for SWTOR at least) and BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Trubine for constantly reaching into your patronage pockets.

Have some faith, some people are always negative.
I am very excited about this expansion, LOTRO has always given us a great game.
True there are a few bugs, but that is true for ANYTHING this complex.
If you are worried don't buy the expansion untill it is tried and true.
I myself am enjoying the extra inventory bag and 25% extra exp.
If you lack info it is only because you haven't searched for it.
Sorry but not everyone is as negative as yourself.
Cheers and hope you come around.

But your gonna buy, and play, it anyways...

Very likely! But you really think I amongst many others going to anyways.. pay this 40,50 or 70 for it?
Nuuu-uuh! :D
Going to wait most likely quite short time to pay far less for it..
ROI I did pre-order without hesitating. This one, no way.

Actually i agree. Preoder doesn't look good. I seems it's better to wait and buy expac with tp's

But of course we all will buy it :)

No way. Not with this marketting policy. They have already expelled me for the game.

Yes I am also agreed with all reviews. My Signature : Best iPhone 5 Speakers

"Shocking amount of new content!"

uuh, but.. they have not really announced how much of content it actually has?

Go back to WOW

I'm sorry but this article is a bit useless...

You start off with saying how mounted combat has been hard to do before and then give us no information on how Turbine has overcome the hurdles that have made other companies leery of doing it in the past. You tell us of your play sessions and then don't actually say what happened during them or what it was like to play the content. You don't actually give us any more information than what Turbine has already stated and so this whole article seems like a shrill for Turbine's PR department.

Please, put some effort into this the next time!

All you whiny little bitches should get the f@#& out of the game.


If you played LOTRO during the glory days before Turbine literally spoon fed you everything you'd hate what the game has become as well...

I want a game that's going to make me work for everything, physically travel places and do something other than repetitive dailies and the same two instances again and again and again. Also with the fail PvP and the fact they mention mounted combat is limited to a few areas (I'm betting the games worst lag areas now aside from the Moors) I can't believe anyone would get this game.

If Turbine was smart they'd once again look at other MMOs and start copying. Here's an idea, open world events and not those crap ones you made in Forochel and Annuminas. If you don't know what I'm talking about go play WAR, RIFT, or the GW2 beta.

End game will have to be purchased seperatly

We will be releasing an instance cluster after the update comes out. However, we have not discussed the pricing of the cluster at this time. The mention of the cluster being free to players who have purchased Rohan was incorrect, and that's what we have removed. There is no instance cluster coming out simultaneously with the expansion. We will be discussing the pricing of the instance cluster at a later time.

No instance cluster.

Is this the first LOTRO expac to have none? I mean none intentionally? I know ROI's was delayed. But eventually it was released for free.
Wasn't it?

I got the impression with the release of ROI that the instance cluster was included as part of the expansion in response to community pressure. The way they are releasing RoR instance cluster as seprate from the RoR expansion seems in line with their original approach for RoI.

Instances =\= endgame. Turbine adds new group content type as it said (grouped mounted combat?).

Also more than 30 scaled instances are still here.

Turbine also said that the new endgame will include "fishing quests". The $40 base edition gives you the quests and two war horse traitlines. That's it.

I can't believe some of the comments I'm seeing here.

I've been playing LOTRO since closed-beta and have gotten many thousands of hours of excellent play out of the game for what I venture to think is some very reasonable pricing. The game is about as lore-centered as one could expect in an MMO, the art is better than most and Turbine has released TONS of content at no charge at all. Not to mention F2P; I know players who have been playing ever since F2P started that are still having a great time and have never paid a dime.

There have been only four expansion packs that cost money (Mines of Moria, Siege of Mirkwood, Rise of Isengard and now this one) and in the last five years there have been DOZENS of updates and additions, some with entire new regions, that have been absolutely free.

They've also done a lot of back-filling in existing regions, adding new content, instances, dungeons and challenges to existing areas, a trend that will, I hope, continue as it keeps even familiar areas interesting.

As to this review, the writer has apparently gotten to play the new content; I haven't, so I'm willing to accept the article's appraisal of it until I've played it myself.

All in all, I'd say Turbine's doing it right; whine if you want to but LOTRO's a great game.

Okay. It's obvious you work for Turbine.


Only a Turbine employee would think that the latest expac is worth $70. Even the $40 price tag for the basic is overpriced based on the info we have decided from the Studio.

Your reply is simply silly. Any who wont fall in on the choir of cheap crying has hidden motives..not. The poster state he is and have a good time for a fair, I call it cheap, prize. As him I have been playing since closed beta and still enjoy the game.
I wonder how many times you can go watch a movie for the prize of playing this game. Compare it to how many hours you play and see what you get. I am pretty sure you find many more hours of fun in LoTRO.

You may not work for Turbine but you are a person that has more money than sense. If you think no instances/end game is worth $40 to $70 for just a quest pack then there is not much anyone can say to you. Cheap? It is more like not stupid with our money. And twice as big.... it has to be for you to ride around a lot. Big does not mean better or more things to do. Movies and games? Apples and oranges. I have movies I bought on DVD and can play them anytime I want.... now do you see how stupid your comparison is.

I'm not from turbine, but i do have to agree with the pricing, for the cheapest expansion. When the area you get, and the play time exceeds the one of Moria, the expansion is like more then the standard gamr you buy to play. Most games cirrently give about 10 to 15 hours of gameplay, and are npt even close to being so replayable as this mmog. I do have to say though that the other editions are not worth the money you pay extra above the standard set, I feel that price shouldn't be this high, and certainly not close to double the original price.

How right you are!!! What is the matter with all you whiny little kids here? LotRO is everything this poster says it is, and more. No one likes TPs, but how do you expect them to continue to pay their employees and keep the company alive without some way of garnering revenue to do it? Frankly I'm amazed that something like this makes enough money to stay afloat, but I will be eternally grateful that they DO, because the game provides so many beautiful and exciting hours for my leisure time. Long live LotRO!!

You think those of us who talk this way are Turbine employees? I guess that makes you complainers WOW employees. :P

Turbine Store = P2Win

No MMO should have that set up. The store is a great idea but not when you game beat the set mechanics by spending real money. If you think I'm wrong or have no clue what I'm talking about go to the Moors and watch the noobs throw wads of cash at Turbine for skills and oh s#@t pots.

Thank you for the mature, reasoned comments. I agree completely - been playing LOTRO since 2008 and still loving it. I preordered RoR gladly, and no, I don't work for Turbine.

I don't think the game is perfect, but I don't expect any game to be either.

I have no idea what the complainers are gibbering about, to be honest.

I totally agree with all the constructive and positive comments. $40 for a game that you will give you loads of hours of entertainment. I would spend that going to a pub on a Friday night in about 2 hours. So for all those whinning people out there dont buy the game and go and play something else (wont mention what with?). I will definitely buy the new expansion and have bought all previous expansions, as I absolutely dont like LOTRO I love it.

The mounted combat sure does look interesting and I do not care about group and raid content much so I will not be missing it. Also I am expecting a bunch of well written quests and the usual plethora of bugs. Over all, I am sure it will be a good gaming experience.

I still think that 40$ for the base expansion is about twice what I would happily pay. Also the 70$ package does not come with sufficient goodies to justify the extra 30$, much less make it a better deal than the basic edition. The only worthwhile goody, the 6th bag, will be available in store for 995 TP.

So I'll just sit tight and save up my monthly allowance of TP to purchase it on release. Having a life time sub does have its perks.

Wonder many Turbine Points it will cost to use the mounted feature? The in field soldier
costs turbine points every time you want to use it.

Bought it. Love it.
I'd happily paid through my nose for the extra bag alone. Am a horrible hoarder with 15 toons on my account. What would the extra bags for them had costed me in tp if I'd gotten them from store?
There's always been a lot if whining before and after each expansion and often about Turbine charging this and that.
They are a company out for making money and as long as they do we'll get more content in lotro.
I'll keep paying and having bundles of fun.
See you all in Middle Earth.

I really don't understand why people are complaining about costs. Especially as most of these peeps would be ones who used the VIP for one month unlock exploit. Turbine is a business, and with any program as in life there will be bugs. If the bugs don't affect my performance, eg becoming invisible as LM when casting Nature spells, I look at them as pure embelishment.

Oh and I agree extra bag is worth it. Not to mention the way you can startle your fellow players by going through their midst as a l75 horse. Or as one person who I chatted up after I found her following my horse stated, when sghe first saw me in "fleeting lightning run mode" she first though I was a Unicorn.

I cant wait and Im sure the extra Steed Trait we will get on launch will be worth it.

Fix. The. Dragon.

Stop whining! Jeez! Have you check the Turbine News lately like CSTM???? From the looks you havent. Go check it out.

This is pathetic. It is clear that Ten Ton Hammer has been bribed by Warner Brothers to give this award since they cannot realistically claim that this is "The Best Expansion of The Year" since it's not even been released yet, nor has the LOTRO community had any praise for this expansion whatsoever.

So what are your criterias for giving this reward?

Judge the opinions of Lord of the Rings Online players and you will get the answer that Riders of Rohan is a massive fiasco with an extremely high price-point from Turbine.

At least you could try to play the game, or at least test the expansion, before you award them with "best of the year" title only to fool the general public into believing that what you say is true.

"The final version of these traits was not available during our play session,"

Obviously they did play it. Maybe next time you should read the review before criticizing.

And a lot of the criticism from the community is pure speculation. Nobody in the community really knows what this expansion will be like. Some people will pay the price for the expansion because it is worth it to them. If it isn't worth it to you then wait. This is a preorder, meaning it hasn't been released yet, so they should charge a little more for the people who are willing to pay it. That's just good business.

Bottom line is if you don't think the potential gains justify the costs, then don't buy it until it is released and you have a better idea of what the expansion is all about.

People who think lotro is still a good game haven't been playing other games. It's been steadily going downhill since moria was released, is full of bugs and incoherence between previous content and new content and is a typical wow-style grindfest galore(to it's detriment).

A lot of the aformentioned "scaled" instances are actually a peculiar format called skirmishes and are not really up to snuff with a typical instance from a wow-clone. Fact is, turbine refuses to scale a large number of classic instances from previous level caps and so this content is playable but essentially obsolete in terms of challenge and reward unless you're on-level, but you won't be there long.

This expansion would have to do some very special things to bring my interest back or the interest of anyone who can choose between this game and the current crop of mmorpgs i.e. Guild Wars 2, Tera, SWtor

Turbine has been extremely generous with this game. There has only been 3 expansion the player has had to pay for.
Every expansion comes with an instance cluster soon after.
Stop complaining about 40 lousy bucks. Thats pretty cheap for all the hours of gameplay, not to mention the thousands of man hours creating it.

Better yet, just do some chores so mommy will get you the expansion.

Anyone who complains as much as seen in this thread, more than likely has a hunter for a main.

Except that it was specifically stated by a LOTRO community manager, that the instance will be released later and we will have to pay again for it.

I agree, $40 is cheap concidering you'd pay that and more for one evening's diner for two and have nothing to show for it, except a bad case of get a grip and cowboy up to this great gaming pastime!

The first game EVER to deal with mounted combat. This is why they got the award. DUH.

Hey, all you whiney ass bitchers. Why dont you get out of your moms basement and go get some fresh air. That bright yellow object in the sky wont eat you.

I'm actually curious how you can quantify the value of RoR when it has not even been released to the public. My only two thoughts are that you are an employee from a rival company to establish bad PR or just want to post a gripe so you can look cool in front of your high school chess, WOW or D&D Club.

Look people, just shut the hell up and wait till it comes out before making a judgement. Now what I read in this article is the writer played 2/3 of the slatted content and that it was an excellent experience. Maybe I was raised different, I dont make a decision on things untill I see it first hand. Apparently the whiners here have not been raised yet, thus living in your moms basement (some albeit at age 30+). Get a job, get out on your own, experince the real world and fall in line with those of us that have to earn our way in LOTRO!

it's pretty easy to foresee what this expansion will offer when you've been playing lotro for awhile, we sort of know what to expect at this point. A lot of grind and only micro transactions to make our life easier(despite paying a subscription fee)

... and to say that there's been free expansions is very misleading, there's been a few regions outside the scope of a typical expansion but they don't qualify as full expansions.. also, if you're not vip you still need to pay for these regions. And to call mirkwood an expansion, as turbine did, is questionable at best.

i don't know why some people persist in defending this game, you should know by now there's better games out there.. go play them.

To say people defending lotro haven't played other games is not fair.

I have tried rift, wow, runes of magic, swtor, star wars galaxies and aion.

I got BORED!!!! with all of them.
I've played lotro for about 4 years now and I love it.
I'm a massive Tolkien fan and feel that this game has has captured his dream better than anything else.
For me and many other players its not just the content of this game, its the scenery and lore behind it all.

People comparing this expansion to the rift expansion as-well, yes ROR may not have a new housing system, or dungeons or epic story lines or this content or the other, but there's a reason for that, lotro ALREADY has them, which you would know if you truly understood the game, so why would they put it in again?
So in all fairness you can not compair the 2 games on those merits as one already has them where as the other hasn't, so needs to implement them.

And people moaning about having to pay for content, ummm would any of you expect to get, say for example, a sims expansion or stuff pack free? nope.

Stop moaning about having to pay for expansions, turbine are letting you play, albeit part, of a game for FREE!!!!

There are a lot of games that dont do that.

Maybe its me and I'm super smart or was brought up in a different way, but why do you expect to get EVERYTHING in this game for free?

You wouldn't walk into a game shop and expect to walk out with any game of your choice for free would you?
Well if you do, I say just go try it, see what happens!

Stop complaining about the price, content, game play, bugs etc etc and stop bad mouthing the people who wish to spend THEIR money that THEY have earnt, because YOU dont agree with it.

Simples, if you dont like it, dont buy/play it.
And further more, dont have a go at people who do!


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