Gazillion Giving Away Free Marvel Alliance Ultimate Packs Through February 27th

By Stacy Jones -

Many players cringed at the $200 price tag for the Marvel Heroes Ultimate Pack. The pack includes all of the characters and costumes along with a few exclusives on day 1 of launch, but that price tag gives some players pause when it comes to sinking that much cash into an unreleased free-to-play title. Luckily, there is a chance for a few lucky players to land one for free.

Gazillion Entertainment has announced that from now through February 27th, they will be giving away one free Marvel Heroes Ultimate Pack to a registered member each day. All you need to do to get a chance to win is make sure that you have a registered account for Marvel Heroes.

Selected winners will receive a free copy of the Ultimate Pack and a beta key for the closed beta. Check out the official rules on the Marvel Heroes website for more details.

Source: Marvel Heroes Ultimate Pack Giveaway Announcement

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