Marvel Heroes Blog Talks Defensive Changes and Hero Tweaks

Gazillion tweaking Marvel Heroes characters to eliminate “tank only” heroes and improves survivability across the board.

Gazillion’s latest Marvel Heroes developer blog is now available and it details a number of changes coming to the superhero-based action RPG. One of the big changes coming in the update is changes to survivability, which will include buffing up the defensive system along with some diminishing returns. Extreme damage scaling is also being phased out of the game and the possible addition of new mitigation powers is being explored. Part of the changes will also make changes to a number of heroes to ensure that they are not “tank only” but also ensure that the option to design more tank-like heroes is still there with taunt and damage reduction skills.

The blog also confirms that a series of hero upgrade updates will be rolling out over the next couple of weeks. A bit further out, players can expect to see increased build options, the X-Men Mansion, movement buffs in hubs, a buff/debuff display, new heroes, and much more.

Source: Marvel Heroes Dev Blog

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