Marvel Heroes Deploys Update 2.14

Posted Mon, Jan 27, 2014 by Martuk

Gazillion recently deployed its latest update to Marvel Heroes packed with more juicy content. The update opens the new zone of Bovinheim in Asgard, challenging players to brave the frozen tundra to face the Frost Giant army and Skrull cows to defeat Allfather Brevik, a not-so-subtle play on the name of Gazillion boss David Brevik. Along with the chance to take down a Brevik avatar, the update also adds a new Inspect option, the option to alternate hotbars, new and more difficult Cosmic Terminals, and new power enhancements for Hawkeye and Captain America.

One other handy update to note is that Marvel Heroes also added a 200% boost to XP and item & rarity find through Tuesday to make up for recent downtime.

Source: Marvel Heroes 2.14


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