Updated: Marvel Heroes Early Access Gets Delayed

By Stacy Jones -

If you were one of the Marvel Heroes players that coughed up nearly $200 for your Ultimate Pack, you were probably anxiously waiting to get online and start playing as part of your early access package yesterday. Unfortunately, that didnÂ’t happen. Due to the recent discovery of a few serious issues, the early access was delayed to allow the devs time to correct the issues.

In a post to the Marvel Heroes website, Gazillion boss David Brevik posted an update on the situation.

Hello everyone,

Today is a big day for everyone on the Marvel Heroes team! WeÂ’re in the process of getting ready to put the game live, but itÂ’s going slower than we hoped.

Late last week, we found some serious issues that we felt we could not launch the game with. The entire Marvel Heroes team has been working for the last 96 hours straight to get the game ready. This process is nearly complete and ask for your patience.

We always want to find these types of potential errors, so weÂ’re glad we had the opportunity to fix them in advance of launch.

We will not leave this studio until you can play the game. We hope this will be in a matter of hours.

For those who purchased Ultimate Packs, weÂ’re working to get the game up and running as soon as possible. WeÂ’ll issue updates here as we get them.

We appreciate your understanding,

David Brevik and the Marvel Heroes Team

As you might expect, some players have been fairly understanding about the issue, while others, not so much. Some jaded fans have even inquired to the possibility of delaying the other packs for the same length of time. Really guys? It's ok to be upset but you don't have to torpedo every ship in the harbor just because you got hit. In any case, the devs hope to have the problems resolved by tonight.

Source: Marvel Heroes Early Access Update

Update 1: Servers are now open for Ultimate Pack owners.

Update 2: Gazillion details compensation plans for Ultimate and Premium early access delay.

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