BioWare Defends Day 1 DLC for Mass Effect 3

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News leaked earlier this week that BioWare had planned Day 1 DLC for Mass Effect 3. The news was later confirmed with the “From Ashes” DLC, which is also available in the Collector’s and Digital Deluxe Editions for free. The DLC will be available on launch day to other players for about $10 and adds a new prothean squad mate and a new mission that takes players back to Eden Prime. Protheans are one of the central story character races thought to originally be extinct and one that the entire Mass Effect story revolves around. It was thanks to a piece of their technology in the first game that Shepard learns of the impending reaper threat.

But not everyone is happy about BioWare’s decision to add the new launch day Mass Effect 3 DLC, and some fans believe the developer simply chipped out a an important portion of the game to sell for an extra ten bucks. TotalBiscuit is even calling for a boycott on the game and calls it "disgraceful behavior." Executive Producer Casey Hudson took to Twitter this week to defend the DLC decision.

It takes about 3 months from "content complete" to bug-fix, certify, manufacture, and ship game discs. In that time we work on DLC.

Hudson added:

On #ME3, content creators completed the game in January & moved onto the "From Ashes" DLC, free w/ the CE or you can buy separately.

Of course, there are 300+ pages on the BioWare forums of mixed reactions ranging from somber to extremely hostile about the DLC announcement.

What do you think about launch day DLC? Tell us in the comments below. In the meantime, let’s see what Francis and TotalBiscuit have to say about it in the video embeds after the break.

Casey Hudson’s Twitter Post #1
Casey Hudson’s Twitter Post #2

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Advisory: There is a bit of foul languge in the videos, so you have been warned.

So bad Bioware has been corrupted by EA's thirst for quick dollars instead of customer satisfaction. I have cancelled my pre-order until they come to their senses. It worked with BF3. EA and BioWare need to learn consumers will not stand for this. I have also cancelled my SWTOR subscription there are plenty of good MMO's to play out there without supporting this company. They can launch copies of the game into space but cant ship a complete game?

C'mon man. Seriously? They explain their reasons in the article. The DLC, just like all the others, is not at all necessary to enjoy the game. Grow the fuck up.

He expressed his consumer opinion in a legitimate fashion, under his own name. That's part of his power in the open market. You did not even have the decency to put your reputation on the line and decided to insult him anonymously. I think you can figure out that it's you who needs to grow "the fuck" up.

It is an obvious greedy money grab scheme.

After bf3 I will never be buying an ea game again.

are you serious? so, do you think BioWare or EA have an obligation to create extra content and give it for free?? you don't actually NEED the DLC to enjoy the game's history or game play.. it's something extra for you to enjoy MORE.. so, if you want more, you pay more.. you wanna buy a car, you have a price.. you wanna buy a car with dvd player, a good stereo, custom seats, custom stuff, etc, you pay for more.. why the hell we thinkg today that DLCs are created to rob our money? you buy if you want something more, but you can still enjoy your product without it..

Unacceptable. Just plain unacceptable. I am totally sick of the AAA industry wide greed that has hurt gamers and gaming as a whole for going on ten years or so. Is it too much to ask to pay a single, reasonable $50 price for a PC game (No, Mr Kotick it isn't acceptable to sell PC games at $60 because you assume PC gamers are stupid enough to think that because Xbox360/PS3 games cost $60 due to hardware/publisher dealings, "that's just how much games cost" and as such, we should put that extra $10 of pure profit into your bloody pocket), and get ALL the content available for the game created and available on release day. I shouldn't be locked out of content because I chose to pre-order from the "wrong" place, or not pre-order at all, or not be willing to pre-order several copies of the game from different retailers. I shouldn't have to buy special editions in order to have access to all in-game content - that means that the $60 standard edition is INCOMPLETE (I will debate this regarding persistent online games such as MMOs, where I find it unacceptable and frustrating but can at least see the argument as a status symbol et.c.. there is NO possibility of this in a single player title or a "non-massive" multiplayer title). I shouldn't have to buy content that was chopped out of the game pre-release to be sold separately, as Day 1 DLC - I dont' care what hair-splitting EA/Bioware is whining about "oh, but the one team finished the game and then another team worked on this after ward and..." bullshit, it is in this case even ENTIRELY completed by the launch of the title and therefore shouldn't be an "extra". I certainly shouldn't have to drink a kind of soda and turn in the caps in order to get in-game content that isn't available any other way. Likewise, I should not have to make sure I pre-order or buy the CE of another title by the same publisher, buy a strategy guide/soundtrack/artbook etc.... in order to get the code for DLC for the game in which I am interested! Its time for all this bullshit to STOP.

I've been rallying against it for years, since I saw the writing on the wall with regards to the shitfuckery of Oblivion's DLC-based approach compared to Morrowind's, which was mostly because Microsoft demanded that the X360 version have something to sell on the Xbox Live Marketplace, and if you did that you couldn't give that horse armor, or warrior/thief/mage tower, or any other small bit of content away for free, especially to PC gamers!. Unfortunately, there are far more people who know no better - a whole generation of those raised where paying $15.99 for 3 bloody multiplayer shooter maps is commonplace - and those who constantly defend the greediest cashgrabs of the industry. Bioware's forums are incredibly sycophantic, for instance. I want to buy Mass Effect 3. I enjoy the story and gameplay of the Mass Effect series, but I will NOT support having the in-game content chopped up and unavailable unless you manage to buy (possibly multiple) pre-orders from the "right" place of only the digital deluxe or collector's edition, buy all the day 1 DLC, then keep my eyes out to make sure that I'm not missing codes from ancillary materials and other games, in order to have complete access to the game content - especially the content that is obviously ready on release day!

I completely agree. However I would not object to a full fledged expansion being divided up into segments if it meant we could play the first half sooner, but we know that isnt how that works and even if episodic content is released it will e at an unfairly high price point compared to what an expansion would be. Now I do understand that if a game has content (such as a map pack) released that that was additional time that the develpoer put in to design the content and their time isnt free. However, a more realistic price point would be between something like 1-2 dollar a map, not 3 for 15, especially when they are rehashed from an older version of the game *cough (halo). So many people don't know better, but all that this does is give people all the more reason to just pirate the game. I would buy the game, but i dont want to have to pay for all the additional content...Also, the practices and sleeziness that make up ORIGIN make it next to impossible for me to even feel comfortable purchasing a game that allows ea full access to everythign on my computer. Congratulations, you have effectively given people at least 3 more reasons to pirate games. I have always been a fan of and supported bioware, but now as a part of ea, im finding myself repeatedly disappointed.


Today is N7 Day and BioWare put the band back together to thank Mass Effect fans for a trilogy of fun.

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