BioWare Drops a Mass Effect 3 Holiday Care Package

Mass Effect 3 won’t be holding any multiplayer N7 events over the holidays, but BioWare left a little something extra in the stocking.

The holidays are coming and that means that it’s time for devs and players alike to start getting ready for the festivities. This week BioWare announced that Mass Effect 3's bi-weekly N7 multiplayer weekend events will be put on hold for the holidays, but they left a little something behind for players to make up for it. As a holiday gift to Mass Effect 3 multiplayer players, BioWare will be making the following available for free:

  • 3 Kits Unlocked (Drell Assassin, Batarian Slasher, and Volus Protector)
  • All Hazard Maps Available
  • Two new card packs to help fill out your collections

Source: Mass Effect 3 Gift Announcement

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