Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Mode Confirmed

BioWare’s upcoming finally of the Mass Effect saga will include the first multiplayer mode of the series.

Australia gaming magazine PC PowerPlay and Xbox Live Magazine have posted teasers on an upcoming story that will feature details about the long-rumored multiplayer mode in Mass Effect 3. Up until now, the possibility of a multiplayer mode in the Mass Effect finale has been rumored but nothing had been confirmed. But according to the websites of the two magazines, multiplayer mode is indeed coming and an upcoming issue will explain how.

The two magazines had the chance to get some hands-on time with the multiplayer mode at BioWare’s Edmonton studio and speak with producer Casey Hudson. Details about Mass Effect 3’s new online mode and how it will work with the game's story-driven solo campaign will be revealed in an upcoming issue of the two magazines.

Update: BioWare details Galactic War multiplayer co-op feature for Mass Effect 3.


via Gamasutra

PC PowerPlay Magazine website

Xbox Magazine website

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