Neverwinter Heads to Open Beta April 30th

By Stacy Jones -

The clock is now ticking, counting down the days until Cryptic opens the gates of the Forgotten Realms for players to explore the vast lands of Neverwinter. Open beta is set to get underway on April 30th, but before that thereÂ’s a fourth Beta Weekend event set to take place from Friday, April12th through Sunday, April 14th. And here is some other good news, if you played in the third Beta Weekend, youÂ’ll also have access to the fourth.

In the final Beta Weekend event, players can expect to see NeverwinterÂ’s new Profession system and explore four different professions: Leadership, Mailsmithing, Platesmithing, and Leatherworking. Players will also be able to play through 50 levels of content now with more polish.

Check out the Neverwinter beta announcement for more details along with the new trailer below. Be sure to get primed with our Neverwinter class guides and previews.

Source: Neverwinter Open Beta Announcement

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