Neverwinter’s Gauntlgryn Dungeon Temporarily Disabled

Cryptic pulls the plug on Neverwinter’s new Gauntlgrym PvE/PvP dungeon after issues popped up following last week’s update.

Neverwinter exited open beta last week for its official launch complete with the new Gauntlgrym update. Gauntlgrym added a new PvE mixed PvP dungeon to the MMORPG, but a few serious issues turned up last week that prompted Cryptic to temporarily disable the dungeon.

The short version – some characters on Dragon shard running Gauntlgrym found their characters locked to the location and were unable to log back in or change locations. A recent update addressed server-wide disconnects for the dungeon but work continues on the other issues.

Source: Gauntlgrym Update

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