As per Blizzard's Tyren:

Players, the following emergency patch was implemented into the game:


World of Warcraft Client Patch 1.2.4 (2005-02-22)

* We have deployed a client-side change that should improve performance when large numbers of players are gathered in a small area of the world. No other changes are included with this emergency patch.


Since we are seeing a lot of players asking why this wasn't announced beforehand, please allow me to explain.

We had high hopes for the performance boost that this patch would provide, however, were concerned about just how much improvement it would provide. If we had announced it earlier and the improvement would not be big then we would unnecessarily raise players' expectations.

If you have difficulty using a UI mod, try using the Addons button found on the left hand side of the character select screen. We appreciate your patience and hope this emergency patch greatly improves performance in places like Ironforge, Orgrimmar, and in big scale PvP raids.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016