Coyote and Shipwreck sat around joking about "signs" that would tell you if you played EverQuest II too much. One of those signs
should have been "Do you sit around and joke about EverQuest II" because ...yeah.

So we bring you this week's Humor piece "25 Signs That You Might Play Too Much EverQuest II":

6) While going through a messy divorce, you laugh at your spouse getting "half" because the lawyer foolishly forgot to include plat and in-game items.

7) It takes you two hours to get ready to go to work, but when raiding you can use the bathroom, prepare a meal, pour yourself a glass of soda, set the DVR to record your favorite movies and take out the garbage all within about seventeen seconds.

If you score higher than five, you need serious...serious help.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016