Time to shine!

3 Lives Left receives money to help their new project (The Ark) get up and running.

3 Lives Left has been granted 600,000 Danish Crowns (app. $125,000) to create a demo of our game concept The Ark by New Danish Screen.

"We are extremely pleased with the faith that New Danish Screen has shown our team and our game concept," says technical director and co-founder Gorm Lai.

3 Lives Left is an indie game company based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and founded in the fall of 2007

All the grant-winners were revealed at the Nordic Game Conference 2008 in Malmö, Sweden.

"This capital is extremely important to us. It ensures that we can get this project off the ground, and it will serve as foundation for further development, " says Gorm Lai.

The grant comes from a pool of capital, which has been earmarked for innovative game concepts for children. The money is intended to fuel the growth of the Danish game development community and is administrated by New Danish Screen, a sub-division of the Danish Film Institute.

The Ark is a multi-player online game concept, which takes place in an immense underground city. The city was created to ensure the survival of life on earth during World War III. Now humanity uses absurd genetic modifications to survive and fight a bitter internal battle to return to the surface of the earth, and emerge as the genetic forefathers of human kind.

The game is a tactical multi-player online role-playing game with a persistent interface, but where all the action takes place in instances. Players can battle the computer or each other. During combat, players can use bizarre genetic implants such as tentacle-arms or pogo-stick legs, giving entirely new dimensions to the tactical aspects.

"Our concept has potential, because we have chosen a radically different style of graphics and gameplay. We are not developing a multi-million dollar concept, and thus aren't competing on the number of polygons or stunning visual effects in our game. Our game simply won't look like anything else on the market. We have also chosen a robust business model, which we hope will ensure that we reach our goals as an independent," says Gorm Lai.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016