Even injured, Curt can still pitch for McCain.

Athletes bring out the fans. Being a first ballot hall of famer in the making doesn't hurt either. Thus, John McCain brought in one of baseball's aces to help him in one more outing before the end of the season. Ouch, if I take this baseball analogy any further I will pull something. Anyway, Curt Schilling helped McCain's cause in a Peterboro Town Hall rally for the presidential hopeful. Using the time tested strategy of passive slamming, Curt is able to outline a few of his reason why Barrack shouldn't be in the Whitehouse by appearing to exonerate a few of Senator Obama's previous actions. According to Curt:

“I don’t think because he is linked to Bill Ayers that he’s a terrorist and I don’t think because of his connection to ACORN he’s solicited illegal votes, but they make me question his decision-making,” Schilling said

For a little more discussion about the event and to see McCain echo "my friends" a few more times, stop by the Boston Herald.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016