38 Studios Website Returns

Curt Schilling's former 38 Studios website gets a bit of an update that hints at possible new ownership.

The website of former 38 Studios founder Curt Schilling recently received a new and rather vague update. A recent change to the site posts the following message:

Amid the maelstrom of recent press, we realize itÂ’s unlikely youÂ’re here to visit the new occupants; namely, us. Meh. Our apologies.

That being said, if youÂ’re looking for updates on the former tenants: Curt Shilling, Green Monster Games, etc. Try here.

Otherwise, itÂ’s business as usual. Please excuse the mess while we move in.

Best guess is itÂ’s under new ownership, but as to what we canÂ’t say as of yet. It may or may not relate to anything of the remaining 38 Studios gaming asset auctions, which fell under the ownership of the State of Rhode Island following the rather messy and politically charged collapse of the studio.

Stay tuned and weÂ’ll update you if any new gaming news comes of this.

Thanks to Ben for the tip.

Source: 38 Studios website

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