Paradise City awaits you, if you're a classy gangster.

There are new screenshots and the forum is now open for 7Million, the game about fame. The closed beta is now in session, and if you are a smooth opertor maybe you may gain admittance. Check out Deep Silver's new free to play MMO that:

"...welcomes you all to the glamorous world of gentleman gangsters and lady thieves. If you simply can’t resist the scent of big money and spectacular heists, 7Million will allow you to rub shoulders with the cleverest of crooks. Create your own individual character and prowl the streets of Paradise City in search of the next big thing.

7Million offers something for every type of player: Action filled puzzle games, cool, fully customizable characters and challenging missions – delivered in true style, of course.

Today the official website released the new teaser at 7Million.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016