A D&D-Based Bioware MMO?

While rumors have certainly be swirling around the Internet about the upcoming Bioware being based on the Knights of the Old Republic, Carl Cascone addresses the idea that Bioware has just as much background in the D&D campaign setting, The Forgotten Realms. In his editorial, Carl gives some compelling reasons for a possible Forgotten Realms MMO rather than a Star Wars based Bioware title.

Despite the hopes of many Star Wars fans, the recent contest announcement by Bioware points the spotlight towards a Forgotten Realms MMORPG, and not a competing Star Wars title. Judging by the reaction to Star Wars Galaxies, if a KotOR MMORPG was done correctly, it would serve the death knell to the older Galaxies title. People play SW Galaxies because there is no other Star Wars MMORPG available.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016