BlizzCast 16 just came out with a brand new feature for Blizzard and World of Warcraft fans: 2d video. That’s right, BlizzCast now comes at you with video attached to make it feel more like a show and less like a regular audio podcast. This BlizzCast is also full of tons of important information for WoW players in regards to patch 4.2, the daily quest hub, and the actual raid.

Daily Quests Ahead

We learn throughout the extended podcast that the daily quest hub will require you to have completed the regrowth section of Mount Hyjal and will allow you to teleport into the Firelands to build a defense against another invasion. You’ll have to be level 85 in order to partake of these new daily quests, much like the Isle of Quel’danas, so lower level players will have to wait.

You’ll start with nothing more than a few rocks and unlike the Isle of Quel’danas, progress is made on an individual basis instead of a server wide basis. Everyone is within their own phase in this zone, but that won’t mean that they can’t help one another to build the sentinel tree. The daily quests do bring rewards, the first being gear vendors who give some gear, and the second is a flaming hippogryph rewarded to those who finish the entire zone.

Myself, I’m pretty excited about this new upcoming daily quest hub as I was a big fan of the Sunwell daily quests. I’m not sure if we’ll have the same feel to things, but it’s something to definitely look forward to in the upcoming patch.

Putting my optimism aside, a lot of players on PvP servers have already begun voicing their opinions and fears about the daily quest hub. The Sunwell dailies were gankfest central and the Molten Front is shaping up to be just the same. Considering the PvE rewards, achievements, and more we’re looking at a zone with a ton of traffic and a lot of bored players which spells disaster.

Another gripe players are already having is that the unique mount looks awesome, but it won’t be very unique if it’s easy to get and knowing the tenacity of a lot of WoW players we’re going to see a ton of them. Hopefully the quests will be challenging enough to make getting the mount an achievement and it won’t just be handed out like candy.

Epic Raid Zone

The raid was talked about at length as well, including how Staghelm will be a boss, the first four encounters are non-linear, the Sulfuron Hammer will make a comeback, and the encounter journal. The encounter journal, as described, will be a tool that tells you the abilities of the bosses within an instance along with what loot that they drop.

There isn’t a lot of details on how the encounters will work, what kind of loot we’ll be seeing, or other meaty things like that but we do know that the dungeon does look really cool so far and will be dropping its fair share of loot. Blizzard did speak about how prestige is important. Prestige drives a lot of endgame players, so it obviously is a good thing to focus on giving players something shiny to feel good about.

Overall, this BlizzCast was insightful and the new video format does make it a lot more palatable. Be sure to watch it if you’re a huge fan and want some awesome 4.2 info. Although I’m surprised they left out the info on the legendary staff, but it seems like they only wanted to focus on the Firelands. Ah well. Leave your thoughts on the latest BlizzCast below in our comments section.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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