Mob bosses are the brass ring for competing gamers. Guilds fight these monstrous battles to gain epic bragging rights and players cower in awe when we stumble across one of these impressive beings.

Savanja catches former Senior Producer Scott "Galenite" Hartsman for one last interview before he leaves his position at EverQuest II to talk about the mob bosses in Rise of Kunark, raid encounters, and named lore.

Savanja: In RoK beta, I stumbled across a rather impressive epic gorilla that kindly handed me my rear. What other contested mobs are wondering the open air lands and can we get some idea for those that are hoping to land one of these bad boys, what the spawn rates are like?

Hartsman: Ah, yes, the Tangrin, the giant gorilla that owned you ...and me more than once. We have more coming, including the 3 new avatars and some buffed versions of the existing avatars. We also have Venril’s Generals in the pipeline, and the X2 contested mobs in Kunzar Jungle… all coming soon to a server near you.

When the Avatars come back they’ll spawn more often than they did before they left. Aside from the Avatars, respawn on contested mobs varies widely, from a single day to as much as five days.

Please join us to hear all about the bad boys of Kunark!!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016