Blizzard's new game, first look!

Xerin has went out into the field to obtain a copy of Blizzard's latest game, WHoA. He's able to report a quick preview and review (both at the same time!) of the latest game from secret copies obtained at Wal-Mart I mean Blizzard's HQ. If you're looking for the latest on this april foo- I mean game then look no further then "Heal Plz".

Okay, graphics out of the way (which mean nothing when we talk about gameplay), the game isn’t very MMO. It seems as if it’s a singleplayer game with some online ability. Using Google’s tisp wireless (had to stop at a john anyway) I was able to get in a few multiplayer games with the beta test group of what seemed like thousands of players.

Head over to Heal Plz - A Preview/Review of WHoA (Warcraft - Heroes of Azeroth)

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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