Dibs on Spider-man. Hahaha! Suckers.

When we attended the Marvel Video Games panel at the San Diego Comic-Con, we were ready to hear all about a variety of video games and new entrants into the Marvel video game library. Instead, the questions mainly focused on the upcoming MMOG, Marvel Universe Online, and we have your write-up of the entire panel ready for you to view. Discussions ranged from settings to actual uses of the Marvel super-heroes, so please sit back and enjoy the article!

When answering questions about characters, Jack mentioned that you will be playing as a hero and fighting along side other Marvel heroes in the game. There will be heavy interaction between players and their favorite teams or super heroes, Jack even hinted that in some cases you may actually play as the unique Marvel heroes themselves. He did not go into detail on this but said the team at Cryptic is working on loads of game play options for players.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016