Eek! Can you feel the excitement?

We had a blast on Saturday and would like to thank everyone who participated in The E3 Elimination Tournament.

Here are the overall winners:

First Place:
# Ophidias
# Pr0
# AgnusDei

Second Place:
# SinEater
# HunterStarwind
# Rictor
# Artrimas

Third Place:
# DethRifter
# Ryum
# Theroc
# Inpenatrable

Because of rules violations, the original first place team of ShinCup, Koryn, Deunan, and Skysage had to be disqualified.

A big congratulations for the first place winners, we'll be seeing you at E3!

If you guys are lucky we'll bring back interviews and photos of the winning team. Ok if we're lucky yada yada yada.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016