NetDevil has posted an update on the Official Auto Assault Website. This update concerns the Hestia Back Range

Originally the area known as the Hestia Back Range was built for use as an outdoor military test facility. Located near Ark I, the Hestia Back Range sits in a rocky wide bowl, buttressed against a series of cliffs and mountains to the west and east, with the highway running down the valley in the middle. After using the area for as a testing ground for terrestrial and orbital weapons, the Frontier Location Command (FLC) moved a series of drone launch platforms into the Range - remote devices that proved to be a boon in training and recruit indoctrination. In fact, FLC routinely uses the Back Range as a basic training area for Hestia Company Candidates, where they can fully evaluate a recruit’s individual disciplines in real battle conditions before moving them on to Upside.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016