Acclaim to publish The Chronicles of Spellborn in the U.S.

Frogster and Dutch developer Spellborn have reached an agreement with Acclaim Games to be the U.S. publisher of The Chronicle of Spellborn. As part of the announcement, it was revealed that the North American players will have a free to play area to test the game or just play for free. Subscribers will be able to explore the entire virtual world. David Perry the Chief Creative Officer of Acclaim had this to say about the agreement:

"My poor old gaming PC is literally peppered with games in every conceivable language, and I've just kept playing, patiently waiting for that WHOA! moment. We're tracking over 400 MMO's around the world but the game that finally got us there is Spellborn. When we saw it running, our jaws literally dropped to the floor. This MMO is absolutely stunning, using the graphics engine from my friends over at Epic. We have millions of gamers that will be anxious to experience this amazing new game for free" comments David Perry, the USA Director for Spellborn on the successful deal."

The Chronicles of Spellborn will be showcased by all parties mentioned above at Leipzig. Speaking of which here are a few exclusive screenshots they released prior to heading to Germany.

And this just in from Leipzig; check out the Ten Ton Hammer feet-on-the-street coverage of David Perry's Keynote address.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016