Fans that have been waiting for a revamp of the Age of Conan: Unchained crafting system is getting their wish. Funcom is not just making improvements to the old system, they’re scrapping it and making a whole new one. This week’s Monthly Development Update delves into more details about the new crafting system and just what it entails.

One of the first changes is the removal of crafting being linked to a series of quests. Progression will occur by using the actual skills and will be available to players as soon as they hit level 20 after the Tortage experience.

Harvesting nodes will also be changing. The random chance to be attacked while trying to grab that one piece of ore you needed will no longer occur to slow you down. Along with that change, a refining process is being added that will allow players to blend ingredients together in the crafting process to create unique effects or stats on items.

While the crafting changes take up a vast majority of this month’s Age of Conan update, it also touches briefly on other upcoming content as well such as new versions of The Forgotten City and Dead Man’s Hand and The Breach.

There is currently no ETA on the crafting changes, but they do appear to be rather extensive by allowing experimentation and queuing. But how current player tradeskills will merge into the new system is still in the air, but it does appear that at least some of the skills will transfer over. More details on that transition will be coming at a later date. Check out the full update to get a rundown of all the upcoming changes.

Source: Age of Conan February Monthly Development Update

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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