Patch day brings many changes to Age of Conan today. Update 3.3.8 has gone live and with it comes a revamp to the Sprint mechanic and Tempest of Set class. As part of the new changes, Sprint will no longer use Stamina but rather a new resource called Energy. This will allow Sprint to be used in a more tactical way and help balance combat. In addition, the Sprint ability can now be upgraded through the AA system and mounts have undergone a little work as well.

"Mounts now also use the new sprint system. However, the mount itself have a separate Energy pool and regeneration independent of the player. This means that the performance of a mount is much more consistent across classes. For additional adjustments related to Mounts please see the details mentioned in the Update Notes below."

The biggest change with this update is to the Tempest of Set class, which has undergone a significant amount of rework to allow for several viable feat options. This has resulted in a number of changes and adjustments to each of the class skill trees.

"The Thunder tree is strongly oriented towards AoE damage and healing, the play style of a Tempest of Set specialized in Thunder should not be affected dramatically with these changes. However, several core feats supporting this play style were moved over from the Lightning tree and others tweaked, all with the goal of improving the gameplay experience by making the class more mobile and engaging.

The Lightning tree is oriented towards a support dps-healer role and/or pvp play. This tree focuses more on range and burst damage with the Spark Storm effect as one of the core mechanics. The Spark Storm effect reduces the casting and channeling time of the ranged single target spell Lightning Sparks. The tree provides unique crowd control utilities like Cyclone of Set, Fangs of Set, Brain Spasms and Puppets of Set, furthermore it offers the Tempest and their allies new armor and spell penetration buffs like Force of Lightning and Lightning Storm Nimbus."

Read the full list of 3.3.8 patch notes for all the latest changes.

Source: Age of Conan Update 3.3.8 Goes Live

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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