Dude, you don't have to get a Dell to get AGEIA!

Hardware PhysX acceleration is increasingly becoming a staple of MMO games - it's already in City of Villains with Vanguard: Saga of Heroes and Warhammer Online soon to follow. For a time, buying a high-end Dell machine was the only way to get a AGEIA PhysX card, but today, AGEIA announced a product distribution deal with specialty electronics distributor D&H.

AGEIA Technologies, Inc., the pioneer in hardware-accelerated physics for games, today announced an agreement with D&H to further expand product distribution in the U.S. D&H Distributing is one of the nation's leading technology distributors specializing in emerging trends across IT, Computer, Electronics, Entertainment, and Gaming.

“AGEIA Technologies is an innovative leader with the only hardware-based physics solution on the market. AGEIA’s PhysX sets a new bar for realism and environmental interaction in games” said Tina Fisher, purchasing director at D&H. “We look forward to bringing the high-end functionality that AGEIA’s PhysX is known for to an even wider array of system builders and end-user customers."

Find out more about PhysX acceleration at the AGEIA site.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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