Aion’s next round of content arrives this Wednesday with Update 3.1, which will add a new fast-track shared server that can be “accessed as easily as switching channels” according to the post. The new shared server is designed to speed up the leveling process for players levels 1-50 by providing the players with double XP along with Rift buffs that will always remain up. Just don't get too used to that if you head back to a regular server where the Rift buffs will be taken down.

In addition, Aion 3.1 will also provide players with new events, new features and reduced the level requirements of several instances to allow them to be completed by smaller groups and at lower levels. A new world monster, the volcanic Moltenus, can also be found terrorizing the Abyss.

Read more about the 3.1 update on the Aion website. And there was also this cryptic message:

Watch for further details soon. 3.1 is coming on Wednesday, July 18, and it will prepare you for what’s to come…

Source: Aion Update 3.1 July 18th

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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