The French Legion Origine makes a major game milestone by being the first to capture a fortress in game. Less than a week since the official Aion North American launch, and the day of the official European launch, Origine brought Siel’s Western Fortress under Elyos control and now works to defend what they have earned.

Community Rep Alyase interviewed the victorious legion to share their accomplishment with everyone.

Congratulations on the recent accomplishment! You were the first Legion in North America and Europe to take down a fortress on our servers.

Could you tell me a bit about the challenges in planning an event of this magnitude? Was this your first attempt?

Gwarf: After a few months of preparations to collect pieces of information in Chinese and Korean websites and servers, we finally tested our first fortress siege. Because of timers, we chose Sulfur fortress, which is the easiest fortress for a first siege.

We used Sulfur fortress as training for out true target, Siel’s Western Fortress, which could be captured two hours later. Preparing ourselves for this challenge was a major effort to our players, but we’ve been amply rewarded with the pleasure we’ve had during the fight.

Congratulations to Origine and good luck to all who dare to go up against this ground breaking legion!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016