After the launch month closes and the high of a new and promising game
dims, something interesting occurs around the community.  The vocal
minority make their way to various forums and they choose sides.

Amongst the general chatter that you'll find on any gaming forum, you'll
also see the phenomenon that I speak of.  A cloister of players
whose sole mission is to defend their beloved game, and those who are
hell bent on damning it.  Not unlike the epic struggle of good
versus evil, the fanboi versus the hater never truly dies and tends to
crop up after every game release and continues to feed and thrive on
public attention long after the game is dead.

I have been accused once or twice of being a fanboi in my more vocal
forum days, nothing is further from the truth though.  I would
defend my game of choice mostly because I absolutely hated other players
raining on my parade and not because I was ever blind to the game's
flaws.  No game is perfect and particularly with MMORPGs, they are
built to grow and evolve and should never be considered complete.

After talking one on one with some very opinionated and passionate
players who seemed destined to rip apart every aspect of my favorite
games, I eventually realized that many of those that I thought of as
haters, aside from the occasional troll, had fairly balanced opinions as
well but were far more focused on making the game better through
constant and vocal feedback.  It was this epiphany that change my whole outlook of gaming
communities and those that I may have always quarreled with over various
game features and mechanics became far less obnoxious in my mind.
Opinions will always vary, and every  opinion has its place here in
the wonderful world wide web. We want our game of choice to better and
grow in a direction that won't leave us behind, we just express this in
different ways.

Where do you stand?  Are you one that will defend Aion
until the bitter end, or are you shouting from the rooftops every
blemish in hopes that it will be rectified? Choose your side and tell us
what what you hope
for the game's future and how you intend to share
it with the community.

-Savanja, Aion Site

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016