NCsoft has announced that it will be ending its current Veteran Reward system for Aion starting in February. Veteran Rewards for 28 months will be distributed on January 25th and players will have the entire month to claim them. After that, the current system will be discontinued.

Beginning in February, the current Veteran Reward system will be discontinued. The Month 28 Veteran Rewards will be distributed beginning January 25, 2012. You will have the entire month to claim your Month 28 Veteran Rewards and apply them to all of your characters. It is very important that you log into your NCsoft Master Account and claim your rewards while they are still available.

A post on the Aion website also states that NCsoft has “exciting plans” for the upcoming 3.0 update that includes a massive amount of new content, player housing and new mounts. Additional details are available via the Veteran Rewards FAQ.

Source: Aion website

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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