Finally the cries of Spiritmasters have been heard. NCsoft announced that Spiritmaster pets flying in Korea has worked so well they are ready to bring it to North America:

Spiritmasters should be delighted to know that the rumor is true! Contrary to some rumors, though, this enhancement will not be part of the 1.5.1 update that will be coming to the NA and EU servers in November. Spiritmaster pets will soon be able to fly and fight along your side while in the air, a feature that will obviously be quite beneficial within the Abyss. As before, you will still only be able to summon a pet while on the ground.

The development team in Korea has implemented the flying pet enhancement, and it’s working to bring the update to the NA and EU servers soon. We don’t have an estimate at this time as to when this update will be implemented in the West. However, we will be releasing more information in the coming weeks.

Read the official announcement at Eye on Community.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016