Aion's second anniversary celebration begins today with in-game events, double XP, account reactivation and a release date for update 2.7.

Today is the first day of a planned two-week celebration for the second anniversary of Aion. Starting today, old accounts in good have been reactivated for the event. Current and returning players will have the chance to take part in daily community events, double experience gains and increased drop rates.

In addition to the start of today’s celebration, NCsoft has also revealed the release date for their upcoming 2.7 update, which will be available on PTS in NA starting October 13th and adds two new PvP arenas and a 48-person instanced boss fight. The 2.7 update is dated to hit  live servers on October 19th, 2011.

The reactivation and celebration is already underway and will conclude on October 2nd, so if you have an old account, head over and see what’s changed. Additional details about the second anniversary are available on the official website and in the press release after the break.

NCsoft Rings in the Second Anniversary of Aion

Experience Everything Atreia Has to Offer Within Aion’s Community Events, Reactivation Celebration and Upcoming 2.7 PvP Content Update

NCsoft, the world's premier publisher and developer of Massively Multiplayer Online games (MMOs), is proud to announce the two-year anniversary of its hit Aion. In celebration of this momentous occasion, NCsoft is hosting daily community in-game events for current players and special reactivation activities for those that have not spread their wing in Atreia in recent months, including double XP and double drop rates. In addition to the in-game celebration, NCsoft is earmarking this celebration with the reveal release timing for its Player vs. Player (PvP) centric 2.7 update, available on the Public Test Server (PTS) on 13th October and the Live Server on 19th October.

Starting today, players can participate in Ascension Festival, one of many events scheduled daily throughout the ten-day anniversary celebration. The community team is also running daily contests that can be seen from the forums and main website. And for players looking to jump back into the game, Aion’s special Welcome Back Reactivation Celebration commencing at 17:00 CEST on 22nd September, 2011 and ending at 17:00 CEST on 2nd October, 2011 brings a bevy of boons, buffs and rewards to all participating players. For a full listing of events, dates and times please visit the Aion Reactivation Celebration Game Guide.

Along with the in-game events, NCsoft is also detailing the upcoming 2.7 update, announcing playable in North America and Europe via PTS on 13th October and on the live server 19th October. Within the update, players will quickly realise they need to bring their A-game, as they can thrust themselves into two new PvP arenas, together known as the Crucible Coliseum, bringing a new era of PvP combat to Atreia. The first, Arena of Discipline, will allow for one-on-one deathmatch battles between like-minded Daevas; while the second, Arena of Chaos, supports free-for-all bouts on a grand scale for the indiscriminate Daeva looking for glory! Additional content in 2.7 will consist of a large-scale, 48-person instanced boss fight in Padmarashka’s Cave for those seeking an epic boss encounter as well as new armour and weapon sets. Additional details can be found in the Aion Game Guides Crucible Coliseum Game Guide and Crucible Coliseum Armour and Weapons.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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