Yup. Still free.

Anarchy Online was the first (only?) MMOG to make the jump from a monthly subscription business model to providing an ad-supported free-to-play option. Today, Funcom announced that AO's unique free offer will last at least until Jan. 2008 and will include the expansion Notum Wars for the first time.

The new and improved offer includes the entire classic version of ‘Anarchy Online’, named “Best MMO of the Year” by PC Gamer US, and ‘Anarchy Online - Notum Wars’, “Expansion Pack of the Year” in Computer Gaming World. Those who play for free are exposed to dynamic in-game advertising, a successful revenue concept implemented by Funcom and developed by Massive Inc. If the player upgrades to additional expansion packs, a monthly subscription fee kicks in, but the player will not be exposed to the ads.

Read more about the offer in the official press release.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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