PvP will be a whole new ballgame.

There's a new letter from the Game Director posted at the Anarchy Online website regarding changes coming in the upcoming 17.8 update.

As I mentioned in the last letter, one of the major changes in 17.8 will revolve around the process of replacing the PVP title system, and introducing separate rankings for solo and teaming PVP as well as a true dueling system with its own ranks as well for those that prefer that style of PVP as well. There are also some Notum Wars changes afoot that we will get to later on in this letter. So with this letter I’m going to explain in more detail exactly what is coming your way in this regard.

It’s also a fairly lengthy letter this time out with a lot to cover on this subject so hopefully it illustrates the thoughts and efforts that are going into redefining the system.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty I just want to stress that we truly hope that we will be able to cater for all the PVP tastes as much as possible with these changes and be mindful of passionately those who participate in PVP. There were definitely some very hard choices to be made and I want to address the most important, and probably most contentious of them first – namely, death and progression and what it means to a PVP system.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016