Don't forget to sign a prenuptial agreement before you marry your Angel.

The first expansion for Angels Online will soon be released with a bunch of new content. New Instance, Marriage System, New Spells/Abilities, New Regions, Elite Equipment and Tougher Monsters all coming with Eden.

Today Angels Online from IGG announce their schedule of first expansion of “Eden” on May 5th which is long-waited by players. The new update patch for players will be released to players in advance, because they have updated a lot of the content, the current edition is unable to automatically update to the new one. Players should download the update patch by themselves and update manually.

In addition, if you install the patch, you will be able to find some new NPCs' names on map, but you will not see them and enjoy the new content till the expansion is released formally.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016